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All programs can be completed part-time or full-time. Some programs offer completion completely online - look for programs with online. All programs offer completion in the evening (starting 4pm) with a combination of evening and online classes, look for programs with evening.

Any course can be completed either online or in the evening starting at 4pm, at least once a year. Courses designated with O/ online are offered 100% online at least once a year. Most online courses are asynchronous but some can be synchronous depending on the requirements of the course.


Advising and Enrolling in Courses

  • Master's Students
    When admitted, each M.S. graduate student is assigned a graduate faculty advisor who will advise the student about the courses to take depending on the program, interests, time and course availability.  The advisor will also monitor the student’s progress towards the degree.  The advisor must be consulted prior to registration each semester.  The advisor is listed in MyView (see the guide below for more info) - new students before getting an advisor listed are advised by the appropriate program director as listed one the specific program page (M.S. Computer Science or Cybersecurity).
    Review this guide before visiting an advisor and enrolling each semester.
  • Certificate Students
    When admitted, each graduate student in a certificate program will be advised regarding the certificate by the certificate coordinator as listed here. Students in degree programs who are also taking a certificate should work with their program advisor who can contact the certificate coordinator as needed.
  • Dual Degree 2+3 Students
    Students in the 2+3 dual BS/MS program, or those interested in the program, will be advised by the 2+3 coordinator as  noted here.
  • Ph.D. Students
    Each student in the Ph.D. program is assigned a Ph.D. advisor who will advise the student regarding any transfers, preparation for the qualifier, and to follow specific interests.  The advisor is listed in MyView. Prior to that, a new student can contact department Chair.
    A student who passes the first part of the qualifying examination should find a research advisor and this faculty will become their primary advisor.