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Sponsored Projects

Current Sponsored Projects

Name Role PI or CoPI Project Title Duration Notes
Azim Ahmadzadeh PI An ML Ecosystem of Filament Detection: Classification, Localization, and Segmentation 6/2022-8/2025 NSF $598,489
Abde Mtibaa co-PI RINGS: Resilient Edge Ecosystem for Collaborative and Trustworthy Disaster Response (REsCue) 5/2022-10/2025 NSF $1,000,000 total
Sharlee Climer PI Revealing Combinations of Haplotypes Associated with Alzheimer Disease, Alzheimer’s Association Research Grant, AARG-22-925002 5/1/2022-4/30/2025 Alzheimer’s Association
Sharlee Climer PI (multi-PI with Carlos Cruchaga) A Multipronged Interrogation of Large-Scale Omics Data to Reveal COVID-19 Pathways 08/01/2020 – 03/31/2021 NIH $650,000
Sharlee Climer PI (multi-PI with Carlos Cruchaga) Using quantitative traits to identify novel genes for Alzheimer’s disease and other complex traits 09/01/2016 - 03/31/2021 NIH
Badri Adhikari PI Deep Learning Methods for Protein Inter-residue Distance Prediction 2020 to 2022
Abde Mtibaa & Badri Adhikari CoPIs Autonomous Environmental Monitoring and Management Platform for Remote Habitats 2020 to 2021
Lav Gupta PI Distributed Hierarchical Deep Learning For Security In Multi-Cloud Environments 2021-2022 Sony
Lav Gupta PI Project with UMSL and UM Broadband Initiative 2021 $12,998
Lav Gupta PI Applying Science to Support Broadband Adoption 2021 APLU
Jianli Pan Co-PI "Automated and Intelligent Threat Detection and Defense of Future IoT Edge/Cloud Systems” 2021-2024 National Security Agency (NSA), Cybersecurity Research Innovation 2021 Program UMSL part: $248,554
Jianli Pan Co-PI Energy Reliability and Resiliency of Electrified Transportation Infrastructure 2019-2024
Jianli Pan PI DeepEdge: QoE-based Resource Allocation for Future Heterogeneous and Dynamic Edge-IoT Applications 2019-2022

Past Sponsored Projects​

Role PI or
Project Title Duration Notes
Sharlee Climer PI Discovery of combinatorial genetic interactions underlying AD pathogenesis and progression 05/01/2015 - 04/30/2016 Knight Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Sharlee Climer Consultant Ecological genomics: analysis of gene expression underlying parallel habitat adaptation in distinct salamander species 01/01/2013 - 12/31/2017 Deutsch-Israel Project
Sharlee Climer Investigator A Novel Co-expression Network Approach that is Robust to Genetic Heterogeneity 07/01/2012 - 06/30/2016 NIH
Lav Gupta PhD Scholar and proposal author Fault and performance management in carrier-grade virtual networks over multiple clouds 2017-2020 NSF
Lav Gupta PhD Scholar and proposal author Cyber Security for Next‐Generation Healthcare in Qatar 2017-2020 NPRP
Jianli Pan PI Delay and Bandwidth Constrained Dynamic Resource Provisioning Method in a NFV/SDN Edge Cloud for IoT Applications 2017-2020 NASA
Jianli Pan PI Securing Wireless/Mobile Internet of Things Systems: Threats and Defense 2017-2019 NSA
Jianli Pan Co-PI An Innovative, Flexible, and Multi-Purpose Lab Environment for Fostering Hands-on Skills Development in Cybersecurity Education 2017-2019 NSA
Jianli Pan PI Northbound Support for NFV/SDN Edge Cloud Orchestration 2015-2017 University of Missouri System Research Board (UMRB) Award
Cezary Janikow Co-PI Statistical Methods for Recursively Partitioned Trees 2002-2005 NIH
Cezary Janikow PI Fuzzy Decision Trees 1995-1996 NSF
Cezary Janikow PI Constrained Genetic Programming, in collaboration with NASA/JSC 1995 NASA/JSC and UMRB  This tutorial was presented at GP98
Uday Chakraborty PI Optimization in Wireless Mobile and Sensor Networks: A Novel Paradigm Based on Differential Evolution 2010-2012 NSF
Uday Chakraborty PI REU: Optimization in Wireless Mobile and Sensor Networks 2011-2012 NSF
Uday Chakraborty PI Model-Directed Hybridization: Principled Design of Hybrids of Model Building, Metaheuristics and More Traditional Optimization Techniques 2014-2016 NSF