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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Undergraduate courses are those between 1000 and 4999.

Undergraduate students with GPA above 3.0 can take 5xxx and 6xxx level courses with the C1 special permit. This is to follow special interests when an undergraduate course is not available.

2+3 dual-degree students, before reclassified as graduate students, can also use C1 special permit to take 4xxx, 5xxx, or 6xxx courses in graduate standing.

Bulletin CS Description

Notes on Upcoming Changes


Cmp Sci 2261

starting affected immediately you can take it concurrently with 2250, we will issue permits until the Bulletin is updated.

Cmp Sci 3010

will start in FS22 in JavaScript and you can take it after or concurrently with 2250.

Cmp Sci 3411

is a new course in data visualization to be offered first FS22

Cmp Sci 4012

starting FS22 or SP23 will be offered as a course on microservices for web development, with 2261 and 3010, or some java and some full stack development as prerequisites.