Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Undergraduate courses are those between 1000 and 4999.

Undergraduate students with GPA above 3.0 can take 5xxx and 6xxx level courses with the C1 special permit. This is to follow special interests when a similar undergraduate course is not offered.

Dual BS/MS students, before reclassified as graduate students, can also use C1 special permit to take 4xxx, 5xxx, or 6xxx courses to count in graduate standing.

Bulletin CS Description

Notes on Upcoming Changes

This section is used to note upcoming or recent relevant changes.

Cmp Sci 2261

Can be taken concurrently with 2250.

Cmp Sci 3010

Starting FS23 replacing PHP with JavaScript on the back end and covering more frameworks.
Can also be take concurrently with 2250.

Cmp Sci 4011

Starting SP24 the course will be updated to reflect changes in Cmp Sci 3010 which is a prerequiste.

Cmp Sci 4151

is a new course on statistical foundations for CS data science, also useful in AI, to be started FS24