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Research Faculty

Adhikari, Badri Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia Explainable AI, Deep Learning, Health informatics
Ahmadzadeh, Azim Assistant Professor Ph.D. Georgia State University Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Space Weather, Heliophysics
Bhatia, Sanjiv Professor Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Image Database, Algorithms
Chakraborty, Uday Professor Ph.D., Jadavpur University Evolutionary algorithms, Machine Learning, Soft computing, Fuel cells
Climer, Sharlee Associate Professor Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis Computational Biology, Combinatorial Optimization, Big Data Analytics
Gupta, Lav Assistant Professor Ph.D.,              Washinghton University in St. Louis Networked systems, Cybersecurity, Multi-cloud systems, Network function virtualization, Security of multi-cloud virtual networks, AI based management and security of cloud based networks, Fault and performance management of virtual networks and Application of machine and deep learning in cybersecurity in next generation health and other societal applications
He, Wenjie Associate Professor Ph.D., University of Georgia Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Wavelets
Janikow, Cezary   Associate Professor and Chair Ph.D., University of North Carolina Evolutionary computation, constraints, heuristics and representation in evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, machine learning, fuzzy decision trees, software engineering
Kang, Henry Associate Professor Ph.D., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Image Processing
Miller, Keith OrthweinEndowed Professor for Lifelong Learning in the Science Professor Ph.D.  Computer ethics, including software developers' accountability for AI systems; online learning in computer science; and software testing, especially in systems with pseudo-random behavior
Mtibaa, Abderrahmen Assistant Professor Ph.D.,              Sorbonne University, Paris, France Cyber Security, Privacy, IoT security, Information-Centric Networking, Networked Systems, Social Computing, mobile computing, pervasive systems, mobile opportunistic networks/DTN, wireless and Ad-hoc networks, mobility models, protocol design, routing/forwarding, network communities and social networking