Spaces in the RN to BSN Program are awarded to qualified applicants on a first-to-enroll basis. There is no application deadline; however, spaces are limited for each admit term. Students must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • Admissible to UMSL (the university's admission criteria for transfer students can be found by clicking here)
  • Graduation from a State Board approved and nationally accredited (NLN) associate or diploma nursing program
  • Evidence of current licensure as a registered nurse, with eligibility for licensure in Missouri*
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA (calculated on all attempts of all transferable undergraduate courses--excluding pluses and minuses)
  • Completion of at least 30 transferable college credit hours
  • Validation/verification of basic nursing knowledge

*Students may be provisionally admitted to the first term of the program, pending NCLEX results. Students must pass the NCLEX before progressing into the second term.