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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web-based service created by Microsoft. It allows for easy file storage and team collaboration and can be used on multiple devices and web browsers. SharePoint is organized by sites and assigned site permissions.

Some SharePoint features include:

  • Office 365 for Web Applications
  • File Version History
  • Wikis/Blogs
  • News/Announcements
  • Project Management Tools
  • Forms
  • Team Calendars

Common SharePoint Questions

  • Teams provides a collaborative space with unique chat features and add-on apps for extra functionality. It is the recommended solution for most collaborative needs. Features are available through the Teams app. A new "team" can be created by any UM System user in the Teams app's Teams tab. Each team uses a SharePoint site for file storage and can access most SharePoint features. A team's SharePoint site can be opened by navigating to a channel's Files tab and selecting Open in SharePoint.

  • A SharePoint site hosts online content in the form of lists, document libraries, webpages, and subsites. It also provides unique webpage features such as site templates and web parts. A new SharePoint site (without Teams features) must be requested by an active UM System user via an
    IT Support Ticket.

  • OneDrive is for an individual user's files storage. Files/folders in OneDrive can be shared with others for collaboration but remain available only while the files' owner remains active within UM System. Files that need to be stored for a longer term (and not owned by an individual) should be stored on a Teams channel or SharePoint site.

    To explore each of these options further, please refer to the resources in the Where can users get SharePoint training section.

A user interested in accessing a UM SharePoint site should contact the site's owner(s). An access request can be submitted by navigating to the site's URL link and requesting access as shown below.

request access

Please refer to the Sharepoint Site Management and Support Contacts section for further contact details.

For SharePoint Online (mailmissouri.sharepoint.com), a user will log in with their UM System Microsoft credentials.

Users can also view their SharePoint Online sites via this link.

For all other SharePoint sites, users will navigate to the site's URL link and enter their SSO ID and password in the pop-up window as shown below.


UMSL hosts SharePoint sites on both SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. Each has a unique URL and is associated with a web domain.

Most sites are on SharePoint Online (mailmissouri.sharepoint.com), excluding sites requiring restrictive or high restrictive data.

  • Percipio offers self-training materials, such as videos and ebooks.

  • UMSL's Computer Education and Training Center (CETC) offers instructor-led classes. To find more information about the SharePoint courses, see CETC.

  • MU Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offers consultation and training for Microsoft 365. For more information, see DoIT.


SharePoint Support and Request Information

  • Customizing and maintaining a SharePoint site's content is the responsibility of the associated department.
  • A SharePoint user's first point of contact is the site's owner(s) or, if applicable, their department's IT Pro.
  • Users employed at Mizzou may reference the following IT Pro List.
  • Site owners can be confirmed on a SharePoint Online (mailmissouri.sharepoint.com) site via Settings setting >Site permissions>selecting Site owners-full control. Owners will either be listed underneath or viewed by selecting the Owners circle icon.
  • For SharePoint on-premises sites, owners are confirmed via Settings setting >Site settings>Site permissions>selecting the group 'Owners' in its name.
  • Further support should be requested by or on behalf of a site owner via Cherwell or their campus' IT Help Desk.

A Cherwell request must be submitted by or on behalf of an active site member or the associated department's head.

On the UMSL Cherwell portal, an active UM employee will log in with their Microsoft credentials and select the Service Catalog>Email and Collaboration>SharePoint>Update SharePoint Site Owner. Complete and submit the following form:

site owner form

After submitting the form, a SharePoint administrator will review the request and reach out via email.


UMSL's Information Technology Services (ITS) hosts UM SharePoint services.

ITS can provide the following support:

  • Create a new SharePoint site
  • Apply changes requiring SharePoint administrative permissions
  • Aid site owners in troubleshooting
  • Answer SharePoint administration-related inquiries

All other SharePoint support will be directed to the site's owner(s) or department's IT Pro.


SharePoint on-premises sites in the following web domains are eligible for a SharePoint Online (mailmissouri.sharepoint.com) upgrade:

  • Collaborate (collaborate.umsystem.edu)
  • mySharePoint (mysharepoint.umsl.edu)
  • UMSharePoint (sharepoint.umsystem.edu)

Some benefits for upgrading include:

  • Teams integration
  • online Adobe PDF editor
  • easier workflow management

Communication between ITS and site owners is required for the upgrade process.

For interested site owners, please submit a Request SharePoint Site Migration ticket on the UMSL Cherwell portal. The option is located in the Service Catalog>Email and Collaboration>SharePoint and will require the following form be filled out before submission:

site request

SharePoint site URLs follow similar limitations to regular websites, including:

  • cannot contain spaces
  • can only contain letters, numbers, and the following symbols after 'sites/': underscore (_), dash (-) single quote ('), period (.)
  • cannot start or end with a period

A URL can be changed by a SharePoint administrator per a site owner's request.


Other platforms are better suited for public-facing websites. SharePoint is recommended for internal use with limited external sharing.

Each UM campus' Marketing and Communications department can be consulted for public-facing website options.

Before proceeding, please be aware that new sites are no longer being created for the following SharePoint on-premises web domains:

  • Collaborate (collaborate.umsystem.edu)
  • mySharePoint (mysharepoint.umsl.edu)
  • UMSharePoint (sharepoint.umsystem.edu)

Also, there is no departmental cost for requesting a new site.

On the UMSL Cherwell portal, an active UM employee will log in with their Microsoft credentials (same as their e-mail), select Service Catalog>Email and Collaboration>SharePoint>Request SharePoint Site. The following form should be completed and submitted:

site storage information

Once the site is created, an email will be sent with the site's information and instructions. Upon creation, site permissions can be assigned to students and employees by the site's owner(s) via Settings settings >Site permissions.