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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint makes it easy for groups to share information. Departments and groups can create SharePoint sites to collect and manage information using lists, to create and run workflows from your information, to manage documents from start to finish, to publish reports to help make informed decisions.

SharePoint offers features to enable collaboration with colleagues:

  • Office Web Applications (View and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents inside of a web browser)
  • Document Collaboration (Store and Share documents with full text indexing search capabilities)
  • Wikis/Blogs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Forums
  • Project Management (Use of Tasks, Workflows, etc.)
  • Calendars

Who can use SharePoint?

UM System, MST, MU, UMKC and UMSL Faculty and Staff may request a SharePoint site through the appropriate local IT Pro or Help Desk.

Once a site is created, it may be utilized by students and external collaborators as well.

Requests for sites or support can be done through Cherwell.

Helpful hints:

  • Campus computers can use automatic login with IE and Firefox
  • For upgraded sites:
    • InfoPath forms are no longer supported. SharePoint admins will assist site owners in converting InfoPath forms to SharePoint forms.
    • Alerts will need to be recreated. Unfortunately, this is a limitation to the upgrade process.


 SharePoint training and information is available from:

*UMSL is now hosting UM SharePoint Shared Service

Authentication & Login

When using a faculty/staff desktop set up for access to UMSL resources, your browser may be able to log into SharePoint automatically.

  • Firefox (for Windows)
    1. type about:config in the address field.  If you receive a warning, click "I accept the risk!".
    2. Search for "network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris".
    3. Double-click the result, add https://mysharepoint.umsl.edu and  click OK.
    4. Then add https://sharepoint.umsystem.edu 

 Screenshot of the Firefox authentiation screen.