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Changing a Campus Address or Phone Number

To change your campus address or phone number, please follow these steps:

1.) Contact Information Technology Services (ITS) to inform them of any upcoming moves for computers and telephones by submitting a ticket.

  • Go to help.umsl.edu
  • Click on Help
  • Click on Services
  • Click on Technology Support
  • Click on Computers
  • Select Computer/Phone Move
  • Complete the form and submit (If you need a new phone number or you have changed jobs and the old extension belongs to the department, please include that information in the Help Desk ticket. The Help Desk will inform Telephone Services so that your phone location is updated for 911 purposes in case of emergency.) Please note: Computer moves must have a minimum notice of five business days. Additional information can be found on the UCP page.

2.) When you have moved to your new location, notify your supervisor(s) and department Business Manager, and ask that your Business Manager submit a request for the information change in Peoplesoft. (This is required to be submitted by Business Managers, rather than individual employees.) When the updates have been submitted into Peoplesoft, the changes will be populated in the Microsoft Outlook Address Book.

3.) To ensure your campus mail is delivered to your new address, please email your new campus address and the list of your departmental employees to UMSL Postal Services by emailing Jim Christopher at christopherjd@umsl.edu