Recommended Computer Accessories

Basic display monitors and accessories
Monitors and Accessories option selections can be found in the Standard Configurations at  the HelpDesk under IT Procurement.

Web camera with integrated microphone
All can be found in various catalogs in Show Me Shop.

For Deskphone:

For Softphone:

  For Deskphone and Softphone:

Microphones for Classroom & home recording with Zoom/Teams/Kaltura

Microphones for Classroom Voice Amplification (to room)

  • Audio Technica Pro 88W wireless clip on lapel microphone (transmitter) with wireless receiver that plugs into 3.8mm (stereo mini) jack (side of select podiums) for better sound in the room. If plugged into computer mic in, can also be used to record to Zoom/Teams/Kaltura.

Annotative/Drawing tablets

  • XP-Pen Digital Tablet wireless (typically) tablets designed to annotate, draw, and engage users while displaying content. ITS is installing and supporting the driver for these tablets. Most, if not all, are available via Show Me Shop.