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About the Pott Library

The Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library is a special library within the St. Louis Mercantile Library, at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, which is one of America's great historical research libraries, serving St. Louis and the nation since 1846. The Mercantile Library was founded by a group of businessmen who possessed a deep interest in the close relationship to the nation's inland rivers, particularly the Mississippi. Throughout its history, individuals active in waterways businesses have been associated with the Library. In 1985, the Mercantile Library built upon this long heritage of association with the rivers by greatly expanding its waterways-related holdings, and establishing the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library.



The Lost St. Louis Riverfront 1930-1943: Including Photographs of Individual Buildings & Building Occupancies With Historical Background and Detail. A book by Thomas C. Grady, published by the Mercantile Library

The Steamer Admiral and Streckfus Steamers: A Personal View.  A book for sale by Annie Amantea Blum, published by the Mercantile Library

A Visual Guide to the Curator's Office (13 Page, 2 MB, PDF)