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Welcome to the Fall 2023 semester!

Our office has transitioned to an electronic submission process for doctoral forms through a portal hosted through UMSL. The portal works functionally the same as PDF submissions, but with increased speed, accuracy, and tracking ability.  Forms must be submitted in order; this may differ depending on which doctoral program you are completing. The DNP and DBA programs are fully integrated into the portal and have been using it exclusively for about a year.

All students should submit D forms through the portal.

Please login here to submit your D Forms when ready.

Potential Issues-

  1. Previously approved forms not appearing in the portal
  2. Unable to access the next form
  3. Unsure how to complete a form accurately

If you run into any issues or have questions, please reach out to docportal@umsl.edu via UMSL email - include your 8 digit student number and details about the issue you are having.

Please see the below PDFs in reference to your program and how the portal works. This is the general order in which forms are to be submitted.





The Clinical Psychology PhD and Chemistry PhD programs may have a slight variation in the order of forms submissions. Please contact us at graduate@umsl.edu if you have any questions with submitting your forms.

The most significant change involves the D3 form—you’ll note only the previously awarded degree, university, and total number of previously awarded credits. We’ve provided a degree planning sheet to help you and your advisor develop a clear course plan so that you can complete your enrollment efficiently, based on this sheet.