Graduates of the Gateway Writing Project have asked for a coherent program of study building on the experience of the summer institute and leading to a professional credential. To meet these needs, GWP has developed the Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing -- an 18 semester-hour program in English and Education that can be coordinated with a master's degree or pursued as a post-master's certificate.

Goals of the Graduate Certificate

1.  To promote better writing in the schools and address the ongoing concern of educators and the general public over poor student performance in writing.

 2.  To prepare teachers at all levels (K-12, college, adult education) to design curriculum that uses writing to promote learning in all subject areas.

 3.  To prepare teachers to assess students' learning through writing.

 4.  To practice the core principle of the National Writing Project: Teachers of writing must themselves be writers.

 5.  To create a learning community where teachers can reflect on their own teaching and their own writing.

 6.  To help teachers build personal portfolios with multiple purposes, including district-level professional advancement and National Board Certification.

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