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The Zeni-Scollay Teacher Leadership Award serves to honor two foundational directors of the Gateway Writing Project by recognizing teacher consultants who represent service, leadership, and dedication to our craft. Jane Zeni and Diane Scollay are cornerstones of the Gateway Writing Project. They created a foundation for our organization, a professional home for so many educators in the Greater St. Louis area. The Gateway Writing Project would not embody this moniker if it were not for Jane Zeni and Diane Scollay, as well as the many members of our professional family who daily serve, lead, and dedicate themselves to education. The Gateway Writing Project is honored to have this Zeni-Scollay Teacher Leader in our professional family.

The recipient of the Zeni-Scollay award, like the educators for whom the award is named, exhibit characteristics critical to a dynamic educator.

  • Our award winner engages in and champions a writerly life as a way of exploring and expressing ideas, an act that is key to an informed and engaged citizenry.

  • Our award winner recognizes the writer in all students and provides an opportunity for young writers to have a voice and create a space for themselves in the world.

  • Our award winner demonstrates a spirit of inquiry in education by researching, enacting, and reflecting on best practices.

  • Our award winner shares expertise and time, giving back to the community of educators from whom they learn, in turn.

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