MWPN is firmly committed to the belief that teachers are the key to educational change.  The MWPN works to improve the teaching of writing in these key ways:

  • Each MWPN site identifies and selects master teachers of writing from all levels of instruction in its geographical area.

  • Each MWPN site brings these master teachers together on its campus for intensive Summer Institutes.

All MWPN sites base their programs on the following National Writing Project Assumptions:

  • Writing is pivotal to learning, to academic achievement, and to job success.

  • Writing instruction begins in kindergarten and continues through university.

  • Universities and schools in collaboration provide powerful programs for teachers.

  • Effective teachers make the best teachers of other teachers.

  • Teachers are the key to reform in education.

  • Professional development begins when teachers enter teaching and continues throughout their careers.

  • Writing is fundamental to learning all subjects.

Real change in classroom practice happens over time.