At Printer - How to view your jobs from a secure release enabled printer.

MyTritonPrint - Use this on-line application to view your queued jobs.  This application also allows you to view the MoCodes you can use for printing, and to see reports on your scan, fax, and direct and secure print activity and costs.

At a secure release enabled printer, you can view, release, or delete your queue print jobs.

  1. Scan your ID card or login with your SSO ID and password (detailed instructions - Win; detailed instructions - Mac)

  2. Choose your MoCode on the Choose Cost Center screen.

  3. Select Secure Release on the printer display panel.

  4. Your queued jobs will be listed. Print jobs expire after 24 hours. Any job not released before it expires is deleted from the queue.

    sr queue

You can use MyTritonPrint to view details of your queued print jobs.

  1. Login with your SSO ID and password.

  2. Selet the Queued Jobs tab at the top of the page.

  3. You can sort by any column by clicking on the column title.

    sr queue in application

Note: From this application you can run reports about your print, and copy transacations as well as fax and scans that you have printed.