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Note: Procurement is for equipment purchased by the department beyond the standard equipment issued to all employees. For individual computers for new employees, upgrades and replacements for existing employees, please visit the UMSL Computer Program.

IT Purchase Requests

Visit the online portal to obtain or check the status of a request. For software, please visit the Software Center.

Please note that this information is for departmental computer purchases only.  If you (an individual staff or faculty member) need to order a new UCP computer, please visit the UCP website.

Requests for Departmental Computers or Exceptions to the Standard Computer

Requests for Departmental Computers or Exceptions to the Standard Computer can be reviewed under the following conditions:

  1. Documented requirements for the need for a different operating system, special hardware configurations, or other special needs not afforded under the standard option.
  2. Unit Business manager approves of the request.
  3. College, School or Division lead approves the need.

If the above 3 requirements are fulfilled, then the following must be observed:

  1. Technology Purchase Request including the above criteria is submitted, and CFO/CIO or their delegate approves the exception.
  2. The end user's unit/department will be financially responsible for any difference in cost above the current provided standard offering.
  3. The department acknowledges that support may be limited on the device and may not receive the full extent of support offered by ITS.

Departments shall assume the cost of any computers, upgrades, or additional peripherals beyond the standard workstation that is provided as part of the UCP.

If the order is approved, the following information will need to be provided to: technologyprocurement@umsl.edu.

  • Technology Purchase Request PDF Approval, and quote that was provided
  • What building and room the computer should be delivered to
  • What data port the computer should be installed on (if applicable)
  • The serial number of the computer being replaced (if applicable)
  • If the computer is replacing an older system, the older system will be collected by the technician when installing the new system.
  • What MoCode should be charged for the cost of the system

Recommended Computer Accessories

Basic display monitors and accessories
Monitors and Accessories option selections can be found in the Standard Configurations at  the HelpDesk under IT Procurement.

Web camera with integrated microphone
All can be found in various catalogs in Show Me Shop.

For Deskphone:

For Softphone:

  For Deskphone and Softphone:

Microphones for Classroom & home recording with Zoom/Teams/Kaltura

Microphones for Classroom Voice Amplification (to room)

  • Audio Technica Pro 88W wireless clip on lapel microphone (transmitter) with wireless receiver that plugs into 3.8mm (stereo mini) jack (side of select podiums) for better sound in the room. If plugged into computer mic in, can also be used to record to Zoom/Teams/Kaltura.

Annotative/Drawing tablets

  • XP-Pen Digital Tablet wireless (typically) tablets designed to annotate, draw, and engage users while displaying content. ITS is installing and supporting the driver for these tablets. Most, if not all, are available via Show Me Shop.

Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface and other tablets 

Tablets may not be purchased as part of the UCP, but may be purchased with Technology Purchase Request approval, using departmental funds. The request will need to have Unit Business Manager approval and include the business requirements to justify the need. If approved, tablets must be procured through ITS, and will be properly configured for security and mobile device management. ITS is unable to support tablet hardware issues or anything beyond basic connectivity to the UMSL network. 

If you would like to purchase a tablet, please complete the BPM12004 request form, including the Business Managers approval. If approval is received from the BPM 12004, please contact UMSL IT Procurement at technologyprocurement@umsl.edu or submit a request through the HelpDesk.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of a tablet before completing the BPM12004 request form, please contact UMSL IT Procurement at technologyprocurement@umsl.edu. 

UMSL has implemented a managed print services program for academic and administrative units through Xerox. Information about the managed print services program is available at TritonPrint.

If there is a case where a business need is unable to be met by the managed print services program,  an approved purchase approval request must accompany the order for a specialized desktop printer.

The specialized desktop printers should connect to a computer via USB. Printers may not be placed on the UMSL campus network without prior approval using the Request Approval for IT Purchase process.  Wireless printing from desktop printers is not enabled on the UMSL campus at this time. Individual desktop printers are not supported by the Technology Support Center.


Windows Macintosh**
Operating System Windows 10, 64-bit OS X (Catalina)
Word Processor Office 365 Word 2019
Spreadsheet Office 365 Excel 2019
Email & Calendar Office 365 Outlook 2019
Presentation Office 365 PowerPoint 2019
DataBase Office 365 [not included]
Web Browser Firefox and Chrome Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Enterprise PeopleSoft [not included]
Secure FTP SSH Secure Shell Terminal
Secure Telnet SSH Secure Shell Terminal
Virus Protection Microsoft ForeFront Sophos
Compression Utility N/A Archive Utility
Third Party Applications Adobe Reader, Microsoft Teams and OneNote Adobe Acrobat DC, Microsoft Teams and OneNote

There are several software packages available for download for free on the Software Distribution website.  Login with a valid SSO ID and password to access the list of software available.  Downloads are often limited to one per person.  Please contact the Technology Support Center with questions about the Software Distribution site.

TritonApps provides students, faculty, and staff with remote access to applications, such as SPSS, Matlab, and R.  Login with a valid SSO ID and password to access the remote applications available.

If there is a software you would like to purchase that is not available on any of the sites above, please submit a Cherwell request via the HelpDesk along with IT approval for ITS to purchase for you.

If you already have a quote for software that you would like to purchase, please follow the Request Approval for IT Purchase process.

What happens if I just ignore this? Your purchase request will be diverted to ITS from Procurement or Business Services. Working any problems out in advance will result in faster service.

What if I am contracting for web site help? BPM 12004 applies, but UMSL has made a conscious decision to let a legal review suffice.

Can you really assure us that "[the acquisition] is the best solutions(s) at the best price"? ITS does not currently have the staff necessary to meet that goal.

What is Ccommercially available desktop software? Commercially available desktop software is defined as individually licensed software typically purchased for use on a single computer. The University maintains contracts with a variety of software providers, often at significantly discounted prices. Departments should check with their central IT department to determine if such a contract is in place before purchasing desktop software.

What is Computing Equipment? Computing equipment includes but is not limited to servers, electronic storage devices, high performance computing systems, and tape back-up systems.

What are Software Applications? A software application is defined as a browser-based or proprietary interface used to allow multiple users or customers to read, access, share, modify, input or retrieve data from a server-based system. Application development is the creation of a custom application specifically for use by the University. Application hosting exists when vendor maintains the application on its own systems/servers and provides such services to the University or to its customers.

Does this apply to free services? Yes. Free services, applications and software still have license agreements that have to be officially signed by members of the University with signing authority and reviewed by UM legal. IT Security must also ensure privacy is protected.

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In support of and in compliance with UM System policies BPM26101, BPM12001, and BPM12004, all applicable Information Technology and Telecommunications products, software, and services must be reviewed and approved by Information Technology Services (ITS).

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