IT Purchase Requests

Information Technology Services has improved the process for obtaining IT purchase approval for technology-related purchases through an online portal.

Visit the online portal to obtain or check the status of a request.

In support of and in compliance with UM System policies BPM26101, BPM12001, and BPM12004, all applicable Information Technology and Telecommunications products, software, and services must be reviewed and approved by Information Technology Services (ITS).



 IT Purchasing FAQs

1. What happens if I just ignore this?

Your purchase request will be diverted to ITS from Procurement or Business Services. Working any problems out in advance will result in faster service.

2. What if I am contracting for web site help?

BPM 12004 applies, but UMSL has made a conscious decision to let a legal review suffice.

3. Can you really assure us that "[the acquisition] is the best solutions(s) at the best price"?

ITS does not currently have the staff necessary to meet that goal.

4. What is Ccommercially available desktop software?

Commercially available desktop software is defined as individually licensed software typically purchased for use on a single computer. The University maintains contracts with a variety of software providers, often at significantly discounted prices. Departments should check with their central IT department to determine if such a contract is in place before purchasing desktop software.

5. What is Computing Equipment?

Computing equipment includes but is not limited to servers, electronic storage devices, high performance computing systems, and tape back-up systems.

6. What are Software Applications?

A software application is defined as a browser-based or proprietary interface used to allow multiple users or customers to read, access, share, modify, input or retrieve data from a server-based system. Application development is the creation of a custom application specifically for use by the University. Application hosting exists when vendor maintains the application on its own systems/servers and provides such services to the University or to its customers.

7. Does this apply to free services?

Yes. Free services, applications and software still have license agreements that have to be officially signed by members of the University with signing authority and reviewed by UM legal. IT Security must also ensure privacy is protected.