The Logistics and Operations Management (LOM) emphasis area is an option in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Degree. As an LOM student you will learn the essential and pivotal role of logistics and operations management in any economic activity, and the decision-making techniques necessary to manage them in practice. The use of information systems and technology, including a variety of software tools is an inseparable part of LOM.

Two LOM courses are required for the BSBA:

Course Course Name
LOG OM 3300 Business Statistics
LOG OM 3320 Intro to Operations Management

A minimum of four elective courses (12 hours) beyond the core are required for an emphasis in LOM. (A maximum of 24 hours within the 120 hour degree program can be LOM electives.) For students seeking an emphasis in LOM, it is recommended that the core course LOG OM 3320 be completed prior to your final three semesters in the program.

The undergraduate LOM electives can be selected from the following courses:

Course Course Name
INFSYS 3843 Decision Support Systems
LOG OM 4312 Business Forecasting
LOG OM 4314 Multivariate Analysis
LOG OM 4320 Production and Operations Management
LOG OM 4322 Lean Production in Manufacturing and Service Operations
LOG OM 4324 Service Operations Management
LOG OM 4326 Quality Assurance in Business
LOG OM 4330 Business Logistics Systems
LOG OM 4350 Management Science Methods
LOG OM 4354 Operations Research II
LOG OM 4381 International Logistics and Ops Management

At most one of the following programming courses may be counted toward the LOM emphasis area:

Course Course Name
CMP SCI 1250 Introduction to Computing
INFSYS 3806 Managerial Applications of Object-Oriented Programming I
INFSYS 3844 End-User Computing for Business Applications

The following offerings are restricted to those offered and approved by the area faculty and department chair:

Course Course Name
LOG OM 3395 Business Administration Problems
LOG OM 3398 Business Administration Seminar
LOG OM 3199 Independent Study