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Supply Chain Management BSBA Emphasis

Have you wondered how an iPhone is made and sold, why your grocery store has beer from six continents, why a T-shirt made in Peru sells in St. Louis for $5, how soybeans from Missouri feed chickens and hogs in China, and how a vaccine can be effectively delivered to everyone in the world?

The Supply Chain Management emphasis is an option in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Degree. The study of supply chain management focuses on the whole supply chain from acquisition of raw materials, through production or service delivery, to distribution to the end consumer, as well as the quantitative methods in business analytics. As a supply chain student you will learn the essential role of supply chains and analytical decision-making in any organization, and apply data-driven techniques for effective supply chain management in practice.


Contact Information
Monica Farrell
Undergraduate Advisor
Email: Monica_Farrell@umsl.edu