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The Supply Chain & Analytics faculty engage in a wide range of theoretical and applied research projects. The web pages of individual faculty members highlight research interests and activities. Supply Chain & Analytics faculty members play key roles in the research centers listed below:

Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Research Institute

The Supply Chain Risk and Resiliance Research Institute (SCR3) provides research opportunities for faculty and graduate students on projects involving logistics, transportation and supply chain management with public and private agencies. Recent research projects have included network analyses and inventory rationalization studies, transportation pricing and simulation of congested transportation systems.


Laboratory for advanced supply chain analytics (LASCA)

The Laboratory for Advanced Supply Chain Analytics (LASCA) in the Supply Chain & Analytics (SC&A) Department, College of Business Administration (COBA), exists to conduct cutting-edge applied and impactful research to advance the knowledge and practice of data-driven decision-support for supply chain management.


Resarch Topics        

Network Design for Vaccine Delivery with Drones in Less Developed Countries

2021 UMSL Supply Chain & Analytics Symposium