Logistics and Operations Management



The Logistics & Operations Management Area includes faculty, staff and doctoral students in the Ph.D. program in Business with a specialization in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

LOM Faculty

Campbell, James F. -- Ph.D., Professor
Office: 208 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6125
E-Mail: campbell@umsl.edu
Homepage: http://www.umsl.edu/~campbel

Li, Haitao -- Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chair, Ph.D. Committee
Office: 229 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-5890
E-Mail: lihait@umsl.edu

Martinich, Joseph -- Ph.D., Founders Professor
Office: 235 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6145
E-Mail: joseph.martinich@umsl.edu
Homepage: http://www.umsl.edu/~jmartini

Nauss, Robert M. -- Ph.D., Professor and Department Chair
Office: 209 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6130
E-Mail: robert_nauss@umsl.edu

Ronen, David -- Ph.D., Professor
Office: 214 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6126
E-Mail: david.ronen@umsl.edu

Smith, L. Douglas -- Ph.D., Professor and Center Director
Office: 220 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6108
E-Mail: ldsmith@umsl.edu
Homepage: http://www.umsl.edu/~ldsmith/

Sweeney, Don -- Ph.D., Professor, Associate Director Center for Transportation Studies
Office: 154 University Center ~ Voice: 314-516-7270
E-Mail: dsweeney@umsl.edu

Wheeler, Alan -- Teaching Associate Professor
Office: 230 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314- 516-6136
E-mail: awheel@umsl.edu

Womer, Keith -- Ph.D., Professor
Office: 1012 Tower ~ Voice: 314-516-6119
E-Mail: womerk@umsl.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Mundy, Ray -- Ph.D., Professor
Office: 154 University Center ~ Voice: 314-516-7213
E-Mail: mundyr@msx.umsl.edu
Center Homepage: http://www.umsl.edu/~cts

Sauter, Vicki -- Ph.D., Professor
Office: 226 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: +1 314-516-6281
E-mail: Vicki.Sauter@umsl.edu
Homepage: http://www.umsl.edu/~sauterv/

Retired Faculty

Banis, Robert -- Ph.D., Retired Lecturer and Adjunct Assoc. Professor
Office: 230 Express Scripts Hall ~ Voice: 314-516-6136
E-Mail: bud_banis@umsl.edu
Homepage: http://www.umsl.edu/~rbanis

LOM Staff

Karen Walsh
Office: 211 Express Scripts Hall
Voice: +1 314-516-6267
Fax: +1 314-516-6827
E-Mail: karen_walsh@umsl.edu

Doctoral Students

Boyce, Wes
E-mail: wsbc6s@umsl.edu

Ellegood, William
E-mail: wevf6@umsl.edu
Voice: 314-853-1897

Jakubovskis, Aldis
E-mail: JakubovskisA@missouri.edu
Voice: 314-241-1591

Kulkarni, Parimal
E-mail: pskf44@mail.umsl.edu

Millstein, Mitch
E-mail: mam9vd@umsl.edu
Voice: 314-275-8754

North, Jeremy
E-mail: jwn3md@umsl.edu
Voice: 620-719-6102

Sciaroni, Michael
E-Mail: Mvsf8f@umsl.edu
Voice: 314-516-7785

Shen, Yejing
E-mail: yswtb@umsl.edu
Voice: 314-450-8992

Subbiah, Chidu
E-mail: chidu@att.net
Voice: 636-634-1900

Vatterot, Anthony
E-mail: agv9r3@umsl.edu
Voice: 314-620-5418

Weber, Jill
E-mail: jweber@fontbonne.edu

Xu, Liang
E-mail: lxpx2@mail.umsl.edu

Yang, Liu Dorothy
E-mail: lygm8@mail.umsl.edu 
Voice: 314-516-7380