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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my TritonCard is lost or stolen?

  • E-mail, ask them to freeze your card, and come in to have your card replaced.  The charge will be $15, and charged to your student account. If your card has been stolen, and a police report is provided, the fee will be waived

What if my TritonCard is broken or worn out?
  • If your card is broken or faded due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced for free.

What if my TritonCard doesn’t work?
  • Bring in your card to the TritonCard office for resolution.

Can I reactivate an old card?
  • Unfortunately, no.  Once a new card is made, the previous card(s) are rendered unusable.

Can I have an extra card?
  • Unfortunately, no.  Only one card can be active at any time.

How do I change my name on the card?
  • Take the proper paperwork and identification to the Registrar’s Office first to have your name changed.  Once this is done, a new card may be acquired in the TritonCard office.

Can I have a new picture taken for my TritonCard?
  • If a user would like a different or updated picture taken to replace the current picture on their TritonCard, they will be subject to the replacement fee’s.

Can I get a copy of the photo on my card?
  • At this time, we are unable to provide a copy of your photo.

How long will my card be valid?
  • Your card is valid as long as you are a student taking classes at UMSL.

Do I need to renew my TritonCard?
  • Unless the photo is out of date, no.

Can I use my TritonCard as a debit card on campus?
  • At this time, no.  Although a meal plan or dining dollars can be purchased for dining on campus.  The Triton Store also allows students to charge a certain limit each semester to their student account.

How do I get a meal plan?
How do I get Dining Dollars?
  • Visit the TritonCard office and we can set up a Dining Dollars account on your card to deposit money onto.

How do I check the balance on my meal plan or dining dollars?
  • Balances can be checked at the registers, or by visiting this website

How can I or my parents add money to my Dining Dollars?
Why isn’t my student number on my TritonCard?
  • For the security of students and their records, student numbers are not printed on their TritonCards.

I’m an employee, but I’m taking classes. Do I need two cards?
  • No, only a Faculty/Staff card is needed.

How do I obtain access to a particular facility such as a room or building?
  • Contact your supervisor or professor to make arrangements for access.

I had access to certain buildings, but my card stopped working, what do I do?
  • Contact your supervisor, your professor, or the TritonCard office.