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The following UMSL employees are eligible to be members of the UMSL Computer Program (UCP):

  • Faculty greater than or equal to 75% FTE
  • Staff greater than or equal to 75% FTE
  • Some Faculty and Staff in the below noted SOC Codes in positions that require a computer as determined by the CIO/CFO have been included in the UCP:
    • Sr Manager CSM Operations
    • Manager I Hospitality Services
    • Assistant Manager Hospitality Services
    • Manager II CSM Operations
    • CSM Operations Supervisor
    • Grounds Supervisor
    • Custodial Supervisor
    • Maintenance Supervisor
    • Telecom Tech - Principal
    • Resident Hall Coordinator
    • Print Service Coordinator
    • Police Sergeant
    • Police Lieutenant
    • Police Captain
    • Event Assistant Sr
    • Event Assistant III
  • Exclusions:
    • Service Occupations - SOC Codes 31-0000, 33-0000, 35-0000, 37-0000, 39-0000
    • Natural Resources, Construction and Maintenance Occupations - SOC Codes 45-0000, 47-0000, 49,0000
    • Production, Transportation and Material Moving Occupations - SOC Codes 51-0000, 53-0000
    • Computer Education & Training Center employees
    • Missouri Institute of Mental Health employees
    • St Louis Public Radio employees

Faculty and Staff who do not meet the above criteria may purchase a standard computer or package through ITS utilizing grant, gift, or auxiliary accounts. All computer hardware must be purchased through ITS.

The following services have been identified as billable services; these services are not included in the list of basic services that comprise the UMSL Computer Program:

  • Service or repair on a computer past the recommended usage period of five years and prior to notification of end of life.

  • Computers centrally purchased through ITS that do not meet the campus standards (see the Standardization of Computers policy).

  • Computers centrally purchased through ITS for a departmental classroom (classroom not available as a campus resource).

  • One-time applicable hardware costs of equipment, including any amount above the UCP base desktop computer allotment.

  • Non-standard or department specific software not included in the campus image.

  • Additional storage above the standard storage quota or special request storage.

  • Hosting of servers for departments that have specific application needs requiring dedicated resources.

  • New or additional door access card system hardware requested by a department.

  • One-time setup fee for custom Triton Cards.

  • Telephone charges not included in UCP (e.g. Listings in carrier directories (White/Yellow Pages), conferencing services, POTS lines).

All other services ITS provides not covered above nor under UCP will be considered billable services.

Each division or department will designate a UCP contact to serve as a single point of contact for each campus division or department. 

The UCP contact has the following responsibilities:

  • Track all UCP equipment within division or department
  • Participate in annual UCP equipment audit
  • Notify ITS of UCP eligible faculty/staff changes as they occur:
    • Employee Separations (retirement, layoff, resignation)
    • Employee Transfers
    • Employment status change (reduced FTE <75%, active to emeritus)
    • Creation of New Positions
    • New Hires
    • Change in User
    • Change in Location
  • Coordinate with ITS the removal of unused computing equipment
  • Act as point of contact for their departments or division:
    • Answer UCP policy and procedure questions from faculty and staff within their division or department.
    • Communicate with Units Business Manager to ensure they are aware of any requests that fall outside the standard offering.

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Department shall assume costs of replacement if any equipment is lost or stolen.  Stolen items need to be reported to the UMSL Information Security Officer, abuse@umsl.edu, Campus Police and complete the UM System Form 155 “University of Missouri Disappearance of Assets and Money” and send to Business Services.
  • The department’s UCP contact or Business Manager shall notify ITS of new positions created to ensure a system is available for the new employee on their start date. Alternatively, when an employee separates from the University ITS will pick up and return the system to ITS for data removal and repurpose of computer and components.

User Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Users are expected to appropriately report issues such as physical damage, loss, theft, security threat, or system malfunction in a timely manner.
  • Users are expected to follow all security protocols such as allowing required OS and software updates, using only ITS approved software, and proper account and password security management.
  • Users are expected to follow the 110.005 Acceptable Use Policy

Computer system support and end-of-life policy 

UCP provides universal computer system coverage for eligible faculty and staff to ensure they have supportable,  secure, and reasonably up-to-date computer systems.  Unless otherwise identified as billable, centrally-managed systems will be supported, both software and hardware, at no additional cost  until the system is deemed end-of-life.  

A UCP computers and associated peripherals will be refreshed after a minimum of 5 years or when they have reached end-of-life as determined by ITS. At that time the user will receive an invitation to have the system replaced.  

As hardware ages it becomes less reliable, more difficult and time consuming to support, and can create security risks and therefore must be declared end-of-life.  End-of-life, as defined here, is when the operating system is no longer supported by the vendor and the hardware cannot support a new operating system, the security officer declares the operating system a security risk, or the hardware has reached six years in age.  When a system reaches end-of-life it will no longer be supported and will no longer be allowed on the UMSL network.  For security reasons there can be no exceptions. 

Revised Date 


Standard Equipment included with the UCP

ITS has developed computer standards in order to keep hardware and support costs down. By using standard hardware, operating systems and applications, ITS can reduce the total cost of ownership, the time it takes to deploy a computer to a user, and the time it takes to fix and support issues related to the system. 

Users will have the ability to select from a standard Windows or Apple based laptop allowing workplace flexibility and mobility. Users will have the option to obtain one external monitor, docking station allowing for external monitor support, wireless keyboard/mouse, and carrying case. Departments will be responsible for the cost difference between the Windows and Apple laptop packages.

Computers and associated peripherals will be refreshed after a minimum of 5 years or when they have reached end-of-life as determined by ITS.   

When ITS determines a system needs to be replaced, ITS will contact the end-user assigned to the computer via email to begin the multi-step replacement process. ITS staff will provide guidance on preparing for setting up the new computer.

ITS is unable to delay replacement or hold equipment. Once the equipment is ready an appointment will be scheduled for replacement. All systems and peripherals that have reached their end of life as determined by ITS must be surrendered to the Technology Support Center to be prepared for surplus.  All systems will have their hard drives securely wiped. It is the responsibility of the UCP contact and/or Unit Business Managers to ensure the return of all equipment.

Systems purchased from university surplus are not allowed to be connected to the UMSL network and will not receive support from the Technology Support Center.

Exceptions to the Standard Computer

Exceptions to the standard computer can be reviewed under the following conditions:

  1. Documented requirements for the need for a different operating system, special hardware configurations, or other special needs not afforded under the standard option.
  2. Unit Business manager approves of the request.
  3. College, School or Division lead approves the need.

If the above 3 requirements are fulfilled, then the following must be observed:

  1. Technology Purchase Request including the above criteria is submitted, and CFO/CIO or their delegate approves the exception.
  2. The end user's unit/department will be financially responsible for any difference in cost above the current provided standard offering.
  3. The department acknowledges that support may be limited on the device and may not receive the full extent of support offered by ITS.

Departments shall assume the cost of any computers, upgrades, or additional peripherals beyond the standard workstation that is provided as part of the UCP.

Standard Services Included with the UCP

Support for UCP system shall be provided through the Technology Support Center.  These support services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Initial installation and setup of system
  • Connection to the campus network, phone system, and network printers
  • Connection to cloud resource offerings such as OneDrive
  • System diagnosis and resolution of reported problems
  • Evaluation to determine when components are eligible for replacement
Windows Macintosh**
Operating System Windows 10, 64-bit Mac OS 12 (Monterey)
Word Processor Office 365 Word 2019
Spreadsheet Office 365 Excel 2019
Email & Calendar Office 365 Outlook 2019
Presentation Office 365 PowerPoint 2019
DataBase Office 365 [not included]
Web Browser Firefox and Chrome Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Secure FTP SSH Secure Shell Terminal
Secure Telnet SSH Secure Shell Terminal
Virus Protection Microsoft ForeFront Sophos
Compression Utility N/A Archive Utility
Third Party Applications Adobe Reader, Microsoft Teams and OneNote Adobe Acrobat DC, Microsoft Teams and OneNote
**Macintosh systems also include other software pre-installed by Apple.**


Other software, not listed above, can be installed on your system. Please let the ITS Technician know your needs when you are contacted for installation of your new system. The charge for installing additional software is subject to the standard labor rate.