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SUCCEED Testimonials

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Courtney Boddie, instructor

SUCCEED instructors have very diverse backgrounds and interests that add to the unique culture of the program. Some of the instructors have been recruited from other UMSL departments to help not only diversify SUCCEED’s academic offerings and strengthen areas of inclusion within the program, but to also enhance diversity within the university.

Courtney Boddie, a SUCCEED instructor and PhD candidate in Counseling and Counselor Education at UMSL, has taught a Seminar course and also an Introduction to Psychology course for the SUCCEED program. This fall, Boddie will lead a Personal Finance class for the program.

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Taylor Russell, student

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” – Denis Waitley

This is the philosophy that Michele Bredow, mother of UMSL SUCCEED student Taylor Russell, follows and what led Russell ultimately to enroll in the SUCCEED program. Russell recently completed her first year of the program and has already noticed major growth in her maturity and level of independence- “I’m more responsible and making friends and being more social. I speak up for myself when I don’t understand in class. I’m more responsible by keeping notes in my planner and I also get my homework done… Before [SUCCEED] I was quiet and not very talkative. Now I am more social at meeting new people. I try to make new friends by saying ‘hi’ first and starting up a conversation.”

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Niko Puhar, student

SUCCEED faculty and staff take great pride in celebrating and embracing diversity and are very passionate about putting these beliefs into practice. SUCCEED contributes to the diversity of the St. Louis professional community through vocational experiences. SUCCEED vocational experiences are designed to allow students opportunities for self-discovery, acquisition and refinement of skill sets, and identification of passions. These experiences can take place on and off campus. Through these opportunities, students are not only cultivating work-related skills, but are also adding to work place productivity and culture throughout St. Louis.

SUCCEED student Niko Puhar is developing his skill sets and laying foundations to achieve his career goals through his vocational experiences. Throughout the spring semester of 2015, Puhar interned at the Olin Library at Washington University. His main tasks included revamping the website, keeping the website updated and user-friendly, and adding to the design element of the website. Puhar spent at least eight hours a week at the library, taking public transportation to and from the UMSL campus.

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