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Vocational Experiences


The VocExpo is held each semester and is hosted by the Coordinator of Vocational Experiences. The VocExpo provides students in the program with the opportunity to share their resumes and meet with our vocational partners to make informed decisions about their future vocational experience placements. 

Student Responsibilities:

  • Work independently within a team on- or off-campus, self-advocate, and communicate with co-workers and OIPE staff about experiences
  • Learn to take public transportation independently
  • Listen to and utilize advice from co-workers, peers with work experience, and OIPE staff
  • Work independently
  • Learn to self-advocate in the workplace
  • Push beyond individual comfort level
  • Exercise appropriate workplace hygiene
  • Utilize and maintain independent schedule
  • Complete required on-boarding process in a timely manner
  • Self-evaluate own experience
  • Communicate with staff and families on progress
  • Learn and experience workplace problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Be on time and respectful of the rules and policies of the assigned work atmosphere

Program Requirements:

  • Students are required to participate in a vocational experience for three semesters with a minimum of two satisfactory performance evaluations.
  • Students receive a midterm and final evaluation of each vocational experience.
  • Students who do not receive a satisfactory midterm evaluation will move into a Vocational Performance Improvement Plan (PDF Download 70KB).

Vocational Resources and Supports