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Lidgus Jonathan

Jonathan Lidgus, M. Ed. - Director

(314) 516-5537 

Jonathan has been a member of the University of Missouri - St. Louis community since 2002. He began his career at UMSL as a graduate student in the Office of Student Life and was brought on full time in 2005. Two years later, he joined the Office of Residential Life where he became its Director. From there, Jonathan worked at UMSL Succeed for five years until he was promoted to Program Director in August 2017. He holds a M. Ed. in Counseling and is working toward a doctorate in Education. His academic research interests are in the area of intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) in higher education. Jonathan's role is instrumental in the planning and establishment of the Succeed Program at UMSL and its subsequent transition to the Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education.


Andrew Kliethermes

Andrew Johnson Kliethermes, M. Ed.  -  Assistant Director

(314) 516-5901

Andrew Johnson Kliethermes has over 15 years of experience in business management, employee training, as well as working with individuals with disability and their families. Before joining the UMSL Succeed Program, he served as Employment Advisor with St. Louis Arc, where he collaborated with the leading team, Special School District, Vocational Rehabilitation, and SSM St Mary’s Health Center. Andrew is credited with facilitating and completing Year 2 of a pilot Vocational Skills Employment Training Program or V-SET at St. Louis Arc. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Lindenwood University, a Master's Degree in Higher Education and Adult Learning from The University of Missouri - St. Louis, and is currently a doctoral student at the UMSL College of Education.


Madelyn Werre

Madelyn Werre - Live Pillar Student Support Specialist II

(314) 516-5901

Maddie holds a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Studies and a minor in Education. She initially joined UMSL Succeed as an intern until her graduation from the University of Missouri - St. Louis in 2023. Her performance throughout her internship made Maddie the perfect candidate for immediate hiring as the Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education Live program pillar Student Support Specialist. Maddie conducts workshops and mentoring sessions on independent living skills. She coaches students on navigating daily essential tasks such as doing laundry, cooking, budgeting, cleaning, and managing technology.  


Glee Schmitt

Glee Schmitt - Learn Pillar Academic Support Coordinator

(314) 516-4350 


Rachel Valenti

Rachel Serene Hickey - Work Pillar Vocational Coordinator

(314) 516-5535


Bob Summers photo

Bob Summers - Work Pillar Student Support Specialist II

(314) 516-5922


Madeline Siener

Madeline Siener - Play Pillar Coordinator of Campus Inclusion

(314) 516-5925

Madeline graduated from Saint Louis University in 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Education with  emphasis in Special Education. Prior to joining UMSL Succeed in 2021, she worked for the Special School District in the Kirkwood School District. As the coordinator of the OIPE Play Pillar, Madeline works with multiple partners on- and off-campus to promote student engagement. She also co-directs the UMSL Social Peers Program, a university-wide student group that aims to promote an inclusive campus community for students of all abilities.     


Katelend Davis

Katelend Davis - Transition Coordinator

(314) 516-5915

Katelend graduated from the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Studies and a minor in Education. Her career at UMSL Succeed began with internship wherein she accumulated over 600 work hours. Katelend also served as a Continuing Education Teacher at Paraquad. Her role at the Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education involves facilitating all transition events and activities, including coordinating the Succeed Summer Enrichment Camp. Katelend is continuing her educational journey at UMSL in the Adult and Higher Education Master’s Degree Program.


Aina Ferris

Aina Ferris - Senior Communications Coordinator

(314) 516-5918

Aina's creative work in direct marketing has been recognized in the US, UK, and Asia. Her portfolio showcases her ability to craft copy for diverse target audiences: from computer software to automotive; pharmaceutical to food and beverage; consumer services to environmental conservation. In 2016, Aina expanded her expertise to include graphic design and photo/videography for social media, e-newsletter production, and drag-and-drop website design and content development. She brings over 15 years of expertise in strategic communications and engagement to the Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education. 


Mary Harden

Mary Harden - Adjunct Instructor and MIPSA Coordinator

(314) 516-5901 


 Heather Cowan

Heather Cowan - Program Coordinator, Family and Student Support

(314) 516-5901



Marie Dickhaus

Marie Dickhaus - Office Support Assistant, North Campus

(314) 516-5911

Marie received her Chancellor's Certificate from the University of Missouri - St. Louis for completing the UMSL Succeed Program in 2020. Realizing she had the skills and desire to work towards a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Support, Marie enrolled in the Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education Link undergraduate program. With the extra accommodations and guidance from Student Support Services, Marie looks forward to graduating in fall 2024. She hopes to work with youth with intellectual and/or physical disability. 


Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education TPSID Team:

April Regester, Ph. D.
Chair and Associate Professor
(314) 516-5917

Magen Rooney-Kron, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
(314) 516-4580

Lindsay Athamanah, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor
(314) 516-5863

Wen Zeng, Ph. D.
Senior Program/Project Support Coordinator
(314) 516-5863