“Investing in emerging, new, and current leaders is vital to the future of our university.”
- Kristin Sobolik


The UMSL Emerging Leaders Program brings together faculty and staff from across UMSL’s campus to strengthen leadership skills within the university setting, build and strengthen relationships across units and roles, and increase our capacity to transform lives.

It is a year-long, cohort-based program consisting of a series of day-long retreats featuring a combination of guest speakers, panels, and interactive workshops designed to foster community and allow participants to learn more about their leadership style, about working with diverse teams, and about leading within the context of higher education. It is jointly sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs and Human Resources. The programming is informed by an advisory group of UMSL faculty and staff leaders.

In this program, you will:

  • Gain greater self- and others- awareness
  • Share and discuss leadership concepts, strategies, and perspectives
  • Apply leadership concepts via case studies and workshops 
  • Connect with other leaders, build community, and grow your network
  • Learn to lead more effectively in the context of higher education today

The 2022-23 program with a cohort of 21 emerging leaders is in progress now. Applications for the next academic year will be solicited in the spring.

For more information please contact Alice Hall at halla@umsl.edu.



Video recordings of the April 12 and April 18 information sessions are now available in the following links: