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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is fundamental to the mission of higher education and provides a foundation for responsible student conduct that transcends graduation (Center for Academic Integrity, 1999). Promoting academic integrity is at the heart of the mission statements of institutions of higher education. As such, the University of Missouri-St. Louis has established policies and procedures that require students to exhibit ethical and honest behavior as well as provides guidelines to faculty members who are required to report incidents when they occur.

Students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis are expected to adhere to the Student Standard of Conduct as well as to established University policies and procedures. The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity is responsible for upholding the Student Standard of Conduct as well as in educating the campus community about information related to academic honesty/dishonesty.

Information regarding campus policies including the academic dishonesty policy can be found below:

Student Standard of Conduct

What is academic dishonesty at UMSL? 

Academic Dishonesty is any form of cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized use of artificially generated content, or sabotage which results in students giving or receiving unauthorized assistance or receiving credit for work which is not their own.

Where can students find more information?

The Student Standard of Conduct 200.010.C.1 defines academic dishonesty for the University of Missouri system schools. You may also contact the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity at (314) 516-5211 for any additional questions.

What steps do I take if I suspect a student of academic dishonesty?

Reports of alleged student misconduct and academic integrity violations may be discussed with Robin Kimberlin, Director, Division of Student Affairs, by calling 314-516-6369 or email at kimberlinrm@umsl.edu.

Academic Integrity Reporting form

Anonymous Reporting

The online Student Conduct Reporting form can be utilized to submit an anonymous report regarding suspected student misconduct. If you select to remain "anonymous" this may hinder the university's ability to take appropriate action. Student Conduct & Academic Integrity makes every effort possible to protect the names of referring parties if they so request.


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