It is UMSL policy that all classes will be met at the regularly scheduled time and that they will be taught by the faculty member assigned to the course. Faculty members are expected to hold class meetings that are consistent with the course schedule, maintain a predictable number of office hours which shall be posted and the faculty shall be available to students, colleagues and others through their workload commitment in accordance with the university, college, and departmental policies.

Although it is the responsibility of the instructor to meet all scheduled classes, as well as their other commitments, there may be occasions when it may be necessary for an instructor to miss a class or other obligation. Faculty members, whenever possible, should have prior approval from their supervisor and/or dean before missing classes or missing other scheduled duties. In the case of emergency, notification is requested prior to the start of the class or other scheduled activity.

When a faculty member must miss an occasional class (i.e. for professional meetings, health reasons, religious observances, etc.) he or she is expected to arrange for a guest lecturer or provide an alternative form of instruction. University policy does not allow faculty to reschedule a class outside of the published class schedule; although waivers are available for service learning or other similar course related activities.

Faculty requesting absence during a semester must complete and submit the attached request form as early as possible.