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Faculty Senate Curriculum and Instruction Guide


If you have any questions or comments regarding information provided on this page, please contact the Faculty Senate Office at 314-516-6769.

To create/update/change a course proposal, please use the Course Inventory Management software at the following link:


To create/update/change a program proposal, please use the Program Management software. If you have never used the Program Management software, or you are creating a new program, please contact Betsy Sampson (sampson@umsl.edu, X6810). This will ensure that common pitfalls in using the program are avoided and result in your program completing the approval process in a more timely manner. The Program Management Software is at the following link:


The Curriculum and Instruction Committee will meet on the following dates at 10:00 a.m. in 411 Woods Hall:

Sept. 27
Oct. 25
Dec. 6
Jan. 24
Feb. 21
Mar. 14
Apr. 4
Apr. 11

Click the following link to find the current bulletin information:  2013-2014 Bulletin

Programs and proposals approved by the Senate 2013-2014

Programs and proposals approved by the Senate 2012-2013

Programs and proposals approved by the Senate 2011-2012


Archived Senate approved programs and proposals