Dropping a Course When Approvals are Needed

  1. Login to MyGateway https://mygateway.umsl.edu.
  2. Select the Drop a Course tile.
  3. In your list of classes, click the icon in the Action column for the class you want to drop.
  4. On the Drop Form page, enter the Reason for Dropping and attach any supporting documentation.  Then click Submit.
    Note: If you are dropping your last class, you must first complete the withdrawal survey.  At the top of the form, you will see a message with a link to the survey. Complete the survey, then return to MyGateway to drop your course.
  5. On the Enrollment page, you can see the status of your drop request. Click the icon in the action column to see status details.
  6. The Drop Request Status page shows the workflow details and status of your drop request.