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About the Undergraduate Programs

The Political Science department offers undergraduate work leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Political Science, Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy and Administration (B.S.P.P.A.), and, in cooperation with the School of Education, Bachelor of Science in Education (See the School of Education section in the Bulletin for details).

Minors in Political Science are available to students with a special interest in law, government, and politics but who are majoring in another discipline.

Political science majors may wish to explore the possibility of earning an interdisciplinary minor or certificate in conjunction with their political science coursework, since some of the hours accumulated toward the major can also count toward the minor or certificate.

International Studies and Programs sponsors overseas study in different countries.

Political science students with strong academic records are encouraged generally to take advantage of honors opportunities such as Departmental Honors, Pi Sigma Alpha, and the Pierre Laclede Honors College.

In the Public Affairs Internship Program, students can earn up to 6 hours credit acquiring job-related experience by working for various governmental agencies as well as community organizations.

The Political Science Academy (PSA) is an organization that aims to bring students and faculty together to discuss “the great issues of the day” in an informal setting. It is open to all members of the UM-St. Louis community, but is especially aimed at political science students.

The department offers a number of scholarships each fall. The competition is conducted in the spring of each year. Application deadline is April 1.

Degrees and Emphasis Areas