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What is UMSL-MMUN?

Model United Nations

University of Missouri-St.  Louis

Fact Sheet

UMSL Model United Nations is a student-run organization devoted to helping students understand how the United Nations works and broaden their knowledge of world affairs. Members meet regularly during the academic year to prepare for the annual conference in February (Midwest Model United Nations). At this gathering of colleges and universities throughout the U.S., students "role play" as delegates of their country and serve on various committees. Students not only learn about the workings of the UN, they become specialists in the area of their choice. Students may earn course credit(s).

What is Midwest Model United Nations?

MMUN is an all-collegiate organization dedicated to the concept of "Venture in Practical Education." It is designed to furnish a structure and forum for students to work with the most pressing international issues outside of the classroom, and thus broaden their awareness of the world of politics.

Representing the role of another nation's delegation to the United Nations, students further realize the difficulties and complexities of international relations. Our Conference has three goals: to promote interest and understanding of the nations of the world; to help students gain a broader perspective of global  issues and the role of the United Nations in world politics; and to encourage investigation into the field of international studies. 

Participant Benefits

  • Excellent hands-on learning experience in international relations
  • Opportunity to improve public speaking and presentation skills
  • Recognized and well-respected resume activity
  • Opportunity to earn awards and scholarships
  • Opportunity to meet and network with likeminded college students from across the country
  • Opportunity to meet distinguished keynote speakers
  • Academic Credit(s)

Participant Expectations

  • Regularly attend organization meetings (at least one a month)
  • Attend SA meeting (usually one a month)
  • Research international issues and country information to prepare for annual conference.
  • Attend and Support organizational activities.

For more information, contact: Jean-Germain Gros.