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About the Internship Program

A public affairs internship gives students the opportunity to apply their political science education in a local government, a state or national agency, a political campaign, a nonprofit organization, or the court system. Students with junior standing and a 2.50 grade point average are eligible to enroll for an internship.

Internships can be taken for three, four, five, or six credit hours. For each credit hour, the student spends fifty hours on the internship assignment. Each student has both a site supervisor and a faculty supervisor. To complete the internship for graded credit, the student must receive a satisfactory evaluation from the site supervisor and perform all reading and written assignments from the faculty supervisor.

To arrange an internship, students should mmet with the Public Affairs Internship Coordinator, Professor David Kimball.The Coordinator will suggest possible placements. Once a potential site is identified, the Coordinator sends the students resume to the prospective placement and arranges for the student to interview. If it is an appropriate match, a learning agreement is completed by the student, the site supervisor, and the faculty supervisor. The student is then authorized to enroll in Political Science 3940.

Students will have the greatest selection if they make arrangements at least ten weeks prior to the start of the internship (June 1 for Fall Semester Internships, November 1 for Winter Semester Internship, March 1 for Summer Session Internships).