Nature of the Award:

Graduate School Doctoral Recruitment Fellowships are intended to attract and recruit exceptional graduate students to enroll in full-time doctoral studies.  Fellowships are open to all doctoral program applicants.  This fellowship awards up to $5,000 for the academic year (Fall-$2,500, Spring-$2,500) to be posted to the students account, and is renewable for up to three additional academic years.  This award is a supplement to the Graduate Assistantship provided by the department, if applicable. 

Graduate School Minority Doctoral Recruitment Fellowships seek to promote diversity in various career paths.  Fellowships are open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are from under-represented ethnic or racial groups (Native American, African American or Hispanic) or who are under-represented in a particular field of study. The award, conditions and application procedure are identical to the Doctoral Recruitment Fellowship.

Application Procedure:

The doctoral program nominates candidates for the Fellowship. There is no limit to the number of nominations from a program, but it is expected that few candidates will be considered truly outstanding. Interested students may contact the program director to determine whether they might qualify for consideration for the Fellowship. If so, they should send the director a one-page overview that addresses how indicators such as GPA, relevant standardized test scores, previous awards and publications, and previous research might qualify the student for the Fellowship. 


There is no submission deadline. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Nominations for Recruitment Fellowships are not being accepted at this time.


  • The Fellowship recipient must enroll full-time in the graduate program.
  • The doctoral program will conduct an annual review of satisfactory academic and scholarly progress of each Fellowship recipient to determine whether or not the Fellowship will be continued.
  • Fellowship recipients should be hired to a 20hr/wk (.50FTE) assistantship position and be receiving stipend support for the duration of the fellowship.  If the stipend is discontinued, the fellowship may also be discontinued.
  • The maximum length any Fellowship recipient may receive the award is four years.