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Play Therapy

Play Therapy Services

We offer play therapy services for children at the CSAC. Play therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach using therapeutic play that can help children develop self-esteem, self-control, and emotional regulation. Play therapy is grounded in the belief that children communicate through play, and specially trained counselors-in-training use play to help children address social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Children receiving individual or group play therapy meet with a play therapist in our specially equipped play room. Play therapists partner with parents or guardians through consultation to review progress and offer additional resources. Additional information about play therapy is provided on the Parents Corner of the Association for Play Therapy website.

We also offer filial therapy sessions, an approach that teaches parents or guardians how to use some of the same skills that play therapists use to help children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral problems. Research shows that motivated parents can be as effective as a professional in helping their child.

Services at No Cost for Children in St. Louis County

Thanks to a grant from the St. Louis County Children's Service Fund, we can provide play therapy services at no charge to children between the ages of 2.5 to 11 years old who live in St. Louis County. To sign up, please use the child/adolescent form. If you need assistance filling out the form or have any questions, please call 314-516-4613 for help.

Play Therapy Training

The Play Therapy Institute at UMSL (housed in the Counseling & Social Advocacy Center @ UMSL) is an Approved Center of Play Therapy Education through the Association for Play Therapy (APT).


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