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The UMSL Link Program: Supporting degree seeking students beyond traditional resources. 

The Link Program provides opportunity for success for every learner in every area of the higher education journey.  Link is designed to support students with disabilities throughout their degree program at UMSL.  Support services are established through semester goal setting and regular weekly advising to promote success in four key pillars of university life. 

The four pillars of support are Live | Learn | Work | Play



Support with navigating the physical campus, adapting to living away from home and immersion in campus culture and climate through peer mentorship and partnership with St Louis Arc.


Support for academic achievement through peer tutoring, weekly academic coaching, assistance accessing campus resources, and guidance from an academic advocate and liaison.


Supportive vocational training, including skill building, real world experience and exploration with advisement fro on campus vocational advising and coaching.


Supportive social inclusion and community engagement within UMSL’s campus and culture through peer mentorship and individualized social coaching

Link Program access - After meeting general admissions requirements through the Office of Admissions, students will fill out an application and meet with Link Program staff to determine support needs and next steps

For more information contact the Succeed Office at (314) 516-5911 or email succeed@umsl.edu.