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Student Responsibilities:

  • Embrace and utilize academic opportunities, expectations and responsibilities to develop increased independence, critical thinking methods, self-advocacy, and individual responsibility
  • Attend class
  • Complete assignments
  • Access and utilize academic supports
  • Monitor grades
  • Self-advocate for accommodations
  • Choose courses of interest
  • Participate in class
  • Ask for help
  • Develop student schedule with Student Support Specialist
  • Attend all scheduled meetings (e.g., Study Hall, tutoring, Academic Recovery meetings)
  • Fulfill academic contracts
  • Initiate and respond to communication with OIPE and UMSL staff

Program Requirements: 

  • All classes equate to three Academic Hours.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 48 Academic Hours (12 AH per semester) with 66% Satisfactory in order to meet graduation requirements.
  • Students will receive a midterm evaluation and final report each semester.
  • Students who are not in good standing academically and are not passing 66% of classes at midterm will be required to complete an Academic Recovery program for the remainder of the semester.

Academic Resources and Supports

Office of Inclusive Postsecondary Education

113 Lucas Hall