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Supply Chain & Analytics

SPECIAL COURSES IN FALL 2018            

Agricultural Marketing System
SCMA 3398 - Seminar in Supply Chain Management and Analytics    
100% online course  

This course provides an analysis of the marketing and supply chain systems that transform agricultural products into food products. Topics include the economic forces that operate in global agricultural markets, the institutions, rules, regulations, and other factors that define the global agricultural marketing system, and how the economic forces and institutions jointly determine the level of production, consumption, and prices of agricultural commodities and food products in the US. This is a 100% online course taught by Professor Joe Parcell from UM-Columbia, with Professor Haitao Li as the secondary instructor from UMSL.  

 Traffic and Transportation Management
SCMA 3371 – 100% online course 

This course focuses on transportation management as a function of a firm's logistics and supply chain strategy. The course covers the management of the various transportation modes (rail, motor, air, water, and pipeline), strategic use of transportation intermediaries such as 3PL’s, and linkages between transportation and warehousing. This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the issues and work performed by transportation managers, including costing and pricing, transportation procurement, transportation technology, and cross border trade management. Prerequisite SCMA 3370 (may be taken concurrently).This is a 100% online course taught by Professor Michael Edwards.

 Transportation Security and Risk
SCMA 3376 – 100% online course 

This course emphasizes risk and security issues related to transportation systems and supply chains, including highway, aviation, pipeline, waterway, transit, and rail networks, as well as port facilities. This course also provides an overview of transportation safety issues including passenger and employee safety, and hazardous materials. It addresses transportation and supply chain risk management and continuity strategies to prepare for, and respond to, disruptions as from terrorism events or natural disasters.

The Supply Chain & Analytics department (formerly Logistics and Operations Management) encompasses supply chain management, business analytics, logistics, production and service operations management, operations research, management science, lean production, project management, and statistics. 

Supply chain management covers the whole supply chain, from procurement and sourcing through production or service delivery, to distribution to the end consumer. This includes the planning, design, implementation and management of systems for efficient deployment of personnel, facilities, vehicles, raw materials, in-process inventories, finished goods and related information or services. Business analytics includes techniques, skills, statistical methods, and modeling to develop better understanding and new insights for data-driven decision making. Supply Chain & Analytics graduates must understand the fundamental role of supply chains, be proficient in the use of technology and analytical methods, and be able to communicate effectively.

Supply chain management was recently recognized as the most recommended major by

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The Supply Chain & Analytics faculty and students are involved in a wide range of theoretical and applied research activities, often in collaboration with academic colleagues and industry partners. The department is supported by a very active and engaged Advisory Board. Faculty and students also play key roles in the College's Center for Transportation Studies and the Center for Business and Industrial Studies.

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