Become an Internship Site

"Internships can serve as fundamental skill-building tools by which students with disabilities can obtain the critical career development and decision-making competencies needed to compete in an increasingly competitive job market (Izzo & Lam 2002; Track & Harney, 1998)."

Objective of Internships

Internships allow SUCCEED students to gain work experience and to develop deeper understanding of their personal interests and goals for employment. Through on-campus and off-campus internships, SUCCEED students will work toward gaining skills necessary for employment, living independently, and becoming a participating and productive member of their community.

How It Works

SUCCEED students will perform duties of a job description that the employer, in partnership with SUCCEED's Coordinator of Internships, has laid out for the internship position. Students will report to their direct supervisor. SUCCEED will provide additional support and training to students placed in your business or organization. SUCCEED's Coordinator of Internships can assist with:

How This Will Help You

Did you know that people with disabilities (a) stay at one employer longer than people without disabilities; (b) are more punctual than people without disabilities; and (c) take fewer sick days than people without disabilities?

"Diversifying your workforce helps you appeal to a diverse customer base. One in five Americans has a disability, representing a significant segment of your market"' Positive public image and customer loyalty: 87% of American consumers surveyed would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities (Izzo & Lam 2002; Track & Harney, 1998)."

For more information on how to become an internship site or for more information, please contact:

Kas'Quri Wren, Coordinator of Internships
(314) 516-5901