Telephone Services

Telephone Services administrative offices are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding University-observed holidays. You may contact a representative at x6500. For emergency assistance at other times, call Campus Police at 314-516-5155. test


Main Campus Number: 314-516-5000

Emergencies: Dial 5155 or 911
Harassing Calls: Contact Campus Police at x5155.

Repairs: Dial 6500
Telephone Services fax line: Dial 6019

Reporting a Problem
Call x6500 and report the problem. Please be ready to give your name, the telephone number experiencing the trouble, a description of the problem and an extension where you can be reached.

Establishing or Changing Service
To establish or change service, complete the appropriate Telephone Services Work Order (see Work Order Forms link). Work orders are scheduled for completion within ten (10) business days.

To change options on your ShoreTel phone, please visit and log in with your SSO id and password.  Available options include:

Group Moves (Telephones/Data Ports/Computers/Printers)
A group move is defined as:

At least two weeks advance notice is required to adequately coordinate the staffing necessary to move telephone lines, computers and printers for group moves. Allow additional time if installation of phone or data cables is required.

Computer Moves: Contact Meg Naes at or x6128 for Computer Moves (includes data ports and printers).

Telephone Moves: Submit a Telephone Move Work Order (see Work Order Forms link) for Telephone Moves. Contact Telephone Services at x6500 if you have any questions about your move.

Telephone Scams: If you are suspicious about a caller's intentions, transfer the call to Telephone Services, ext. 6500.  Some examples of suspicious calls include: Being asked to "help test a line", transfer to extension 9011, returning calls to area code 809, fraudulent use of your telephone calling card.  To find out about current scams, please visit the FTC government site: