Telephone Services

Telephone Services administrative offices are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding University-observed holidays. You may contact a representative at x6500. For emergency assistance at other times, call Campus Police at 314-516-5155.


Main Campus Number: 314-516-5000

Emergencies: Dial 5155 or 911
Harassing Calls: Contact Campus Police at x5155.

Repairs: Dial 6500
Telephone Services fax line: Dial 6019

Reporting a Problem
Call x6500 or email and report the problem. Please be ready to give your name, the telephone number experiencing the trouble, a description of the problem and an extension where you can be reached.

Establishing or Changing Service
To establish service (request a new campus extension and/or phone), complete a Telephone Services Work Order (see Work Order Forms link). Work orders are scheduled for completion within ten (10) business days.

To request an existing phone be moved or reassigned to a new or different employee, visit the Phone Changes page for information and links to the Remedy work order system.

Telephone Scams: If you are suspicious about a caller's intentions, transfer the call to Telephone Services, ext. 6500.  Some examples of suspicious calls include: Being asked to "help test a line", transfer to extension 9011, returning calls to area code 809, fraudulent use of your telephone calling card.  To find out about current scams, please visit the FTC government site: