Applying for degree seeking graduate admission


Application Deadlines

The general application deadlines to apply are as follows: July 1 for the fall semester, December 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the summer semester. Some degree programs have specific deadline dates and may only admit once each calendar year, so it is important to review the deadlines of your specific program.  Other deadline dates and provisions may apply for international students.

Complete the Application(s) and pay the Application Fee

Request Transcripts

Official confirmation of a previous degree is required for admission to all graduate programs at UMSL. In addition, most programs require official transcripts from every college or university you have attended. International students must request official certified transcripts. International students should contact International Student and Scholar Services with any questions or for more detailed information. UMSL Alumni: Your undergraduate records are accessible by Graduate Admissions and you do not need to send an UMSL transcript or resend previously submitted final transcripts.

Send transcripts to the following addresses:

Domestic Students International Students

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Graduate Admissions Office
121 Woods Hall
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121-4400

University of Missouri- St. Louis
International Student Services
261 Millennium Student Center
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121-4400

Letters of Recomendation (Note: The recommendation letter process is electronic.  It requires login with a SSO, which is normally emailed within one to two days of applying)

Most graduate programs at UM-St. Louis require letters of recommendation. Programs may have various requirements, so applicants should refer to the profile page for their specific program.


A few days after you have completed the admissions application, you will receive an email containing your university assigned SSO and activation instructions.  Graduate school applicants can then log into the Recommendation Letter Request system.  Once logged in:

After submission, the applicant will receive an email confirming that the request has been sent to the recommender.


Only after the applicant has submitted a recommendation letter request will you receive an email from UM-St. Louis with instructions on how to complete the letter of recommendation.  The email will contain a link that will direct you to the electronic recommendation request.  The link will be specific to the applicant's recommendation request.

You MUST click on the link in the email to login.  The login process is the same for external as well as internal UM System Faculty and Staff recommenders.  Once logged in:

After submission, the applicant, the UMSL Graduate School and the appropriate department will all be notified by email.

Online recommendations for Graduate Program Directors
Online recommendations for Graduate Admissions Office

Submit a Writing Sample and any other Supplemental Application Materials

Some programs want evidence that you are a serious student capable of writing a scholarly paper in English. If you have not written a research paper for several years, you may be able to submit other samples of professional writing. Please check your program requirements because some have very specific guidelines beyond these suggestions. Your writing sample and any other supplemental application materials should be sent via e-mail to or mailed to:

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Graduate Admissions Office
121 Woods Hall
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121-4400 

Request Your GRE/GMAT scores

Many graduate programs require applicants to submit standardized testing results. Please consult your program's requirements for details. Visit the GRE or GMAT websites to send your results to UMSL.

Submit an Application for a Teaching or Research Assistantship

Print the application and submit it directly to the director of your graduate department. For more information on assistantships, please visit the Assistantship Information page.

For additional assistance please contact:

Graduate Admissions Office (domestic students) 
314-516-5458 or
International Student Services Office (international students)
314-516-5229 or