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In order to expedite the processing of your application, you may upload application materials to your online application. Official items must still be sent at a later date. Please do not submit documents via email. Applicants must have all application and immigration documents on file in order for us to process the application.

  1. Application form

    •  Refer to the international student application and $40 application fee.

  2. Proof of English proficiency

    • Minimum requirements vary by department. It is recommended that students have a 79 TOEFL, 6.5 IELTS, 180 Cambridge English C1 Advanced, 53 PTE-A, or 105-110 Duolingo

  3. Official transcripts

    • Students in their final year of a bachelor's program should submit transcripts for all semesters completed thus far.
    • Students who have already completed a degree must submit final transcripts and degree certificates.
    • Transcripts are required from all universities attended.    


Most graduate programs also require additional materials, including letters of recommendation, writing samples, and/or GRE and GMAT scores. Please review the degree profile for your program to view a complete list of requirements. Note that letters of recommendation must be sent directly from the author - do not send photocopies or scans of recommendations.

Note to MS Computer Science Applicants: Applicants must demonstrate significant proficiency in computer science and mathematics. If your previous degree(s) is not in Computer Science, please complete the pre-requisite checklist to help in the review of your application.
  1. Copy of your passport

  2. Statement of finances

    • An official bank statement must show funds to cover one year of expenses, be in English, and be less than six months old

  3. Affidavit of support

    • If the bank document is not in the student's name, the account holder must sign an affidavit of support. 

    • Other affidavit formats will not be considered.
  4. Copy of any current US visa

Approximate expenses are noted in the table below. Per US regulations, this amount must be shown in order to obtain documentation for a student visa. Actual costs may vary, and students are not billed until registering for classes.

Program Months per Academic Year 23/24 Tuition per Credit Hour Credit Hours per Academic Year Tuition Total Fees Total 24/25 Tuition + Fees Total Living Expenses Health Insurance Books & Supplies 24/25 Total Required for  I-20
Graduate (Master and Doctorate)
Arts and Sciences 9 $1,519 18 $27,342 $200 $27,542 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $47,508
Business Administration 9 $1,680 18 $30,240 $200 $30,440 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $50,406
Education 9 $1,568 18 $28,224 $200 $28,424 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $48,390
Information Systems 9 $1,680 18 $30,240 $200 $30,440 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $50,406
Nursing 9 $1,805 18 $32,490 $200 $32,690 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $52,656
Social Work 9 $1,519 18 $27,342 $200 $27,542 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $47,508
Graduate (Special Tuition Rates)
DBA 12 $1,748 24 $41,952 $200 $42,152 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $62,118
IMBA 12 $1,427 30 $42,810 $5,332 $48,142 $15,350 $2,830 $1,250 $67,572
IMBA 3+2 12 $1,306 30 $39,180 $200 $39,380 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $59,346
Optometry OD 9 $1,490 32 $47,680 $2,000 $49,680 $15,811 $2,842 $1,313 $69,646

Spouse add $4,000
Child(ren) add $4,000 for each child

Tuition, fees, and expenses are based on projected estimates for the 2024/2025 academic year and are subject to increase.
Estimates are based on minimum required credit hours per federal regulations and/or specific academic program requirements.
Minimum credit hour requirements for scholarship recipients and academic programs may differ from minimum regulation requirements.

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistantships are granted directly by the department in question. Contact the Graduate Program Director directly for information about possible funding opportunities. Assistantship applications are available at the Graduate School.

F-1 international students are eligible for competitive International Merit Scholarships. Our top scholarships are generous, significantly reducing tuition expenses while attending UMSL.

UMSL Global automatically reviews all F-1 student applicants for scholarships and a separate application is not required. These scholarship awards are based on the student’s academic merit (GPA) only. Students are notified within 1-2 weeks after receiving their admission decision.

The scholarship packages are renewable each semester based on the student’s cumulative GPA earned at UMSL. Scholarship awards cannot be increased. Awards are made on a first come first basis until funds are exhausted.

These scholarships are open to F-1 International Students only. Eligibility is contingent on obtaining and maintaining legal F-1 status.

Official transcripts and test scores should be sent directly to:

UMSL International Admissions
University of Missouri–St. Louis
One University Blvd (362 SSB)
St. Louis, MO 63121, USA

Phone: +1 (314) 516-5229

Email: intadmission@umsl.edu

UMSL's institution code for TOEFL reporting is 6889.

All application and immigration materials should be submitted before the deadlines noted below in order for the application to be processed for the semester requested. Note also that some programs may have earlier deadlines.

Application Deadlines

Fall semester

June 1

Spring semester

October 1