The Supply Chain & Analytics Department is an important component of the College's doctoral program, three master's programs (the MBA, the Master's of Accounting,and the Master of Science in Information Systems), and graduate certificate programs. Graduate students in related fields (e.g., Economics, Public Policy Administration, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science) also take LOM courses as part of their program.

Of special interest to students interested in Supply Chain & Analytics are the following programs:
- Graduate certificate in Logistic & Supply Chain Management - a six-course specialization in Logistic & Supply Chain Management.
- Ph.D. in Business with a specialization in Logistic & Supply Chain Management

A list of graduate courses in Supply Chain & Analytics and related areas follows:

Course Num Course Name
LOM 5300 Statistical Analysis for Management Decisions
LOM 5312 Advanced Statistical Methods for Management Decisions
LOM 5320 Production and Operations Management
LOM 5322 Lean Production
LOM 5324 Service Operations Management
LOM 5326 Quality Management
LOM 5333 Topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
LOM 5354 Simulation for Managerial Decision Making
LOM 5381 International Logistics and Operations Management
LOM 6330 Business Logistics Systems
LOM 6331 Logistics and Supply Chain Operational Modeling
LOM 6332 Logistics and Supply Chain Strategic Modeling
LOM 6350 Management Science Methods
LOM 6354 Advanced Operations Research Topics
LOM 6360 Advanced Logistics and Operations Management Topics
LOM 6395 Seminar in Logistics & Operations Management
LOM 7381 International Supply Chain Management
LOM 7390 Research Seminar in LSCM
LOM 7393 Special Topics in LSCM
MKT 5770 Supply Chain Management Strategy

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