The Logistics and Operations Management department encompasses supply chain management, business analytics, logistics, production and service operations management, operations research, management science, lean production, project management, quality, forecasting, and statistics. Logistics and Operations Management covers the whole supply chain, from the acquisition of raw materials, through production or service delivery, to the point of consumption. This includes the planning, design, implementation and management of systems for efficient deployment of personnel, physical facilities, vehicles, raw materials, in-process inventories, finished goods and related information or services. Logistics and Operations Management analysts must be proficient in the use of quantitative models and computers, and communicate effectively.

Supply chain management is a key area for the department and which was recently recognized as the most recommended major by

Supply Chain Major for

The LOM faculty and graduate students are involved in a wide range of theoretical and applied research activities, often in collaboration with academic colleagues and industry partners. LOM faculty and students play key roles in the College’s Center for Transportation Studies and the Center for Business and Industrial Studies. The department is supported by a very active and engaged Advisory Board.

Faculty Opportunities

We are currently recruiting two Associate/Assistant Professors (ID#20705) and one non-tenure track full-time position (ID#20633) and are especially seeking mid-career faculty looking for a leadership role in the department as we expand our supply chain programs.