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Department Shared Drives FAQs

Department shared drives are the drives housed on your desktop that begin with "sh_" and were assigned with letters such as N: or M:. 


The primary contact is responsible for the transfer or delegation of the shared data within department shared drives to Microsoft Teams. As a primary contact, please communicate with the other members of the drive and make sure that the data removal is complete. Once the data has been removed and accounted for, please let ITS know via email at cloudstoragesupport@umsl.edu.


From the file explorer window, enter the below file path:

For further assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at 314-516-6034 or submit a ticket at help.umsl.edu
For more information on what Team type to use, visit Team Types Page.
  1. Open Microsoft Teams and select the Team or Team Channel you wish to upload to.  
  2. Select “Upload” at the top left of the Team Channel. 
  3. Then, a drop down will appear with either “Files” or “Folder” will appear. 
  4. Select, “Folder”. 
  5. Then, you will be taken to your file explorer window.  
  6. Select your department shared drive and select the folder(s) that you wish to move to Teams.  
  7. Then, click “Select folder”. 
  8. The folder will appear in your Team or Team Channel Page.  

For questions, contact the Cloud Storage Support Team at cloudstoragesupport@umsl.edu


You may use Google, however ITS highly recommends Microsoft Teams.

Create a Microsoft Team or Team Channel or add files to an existing Microsoft Team. If needed, set permissions for other members.

From your campus desktop, click on the Microsoft Teams logo or login in at the Microsoft Teams Page using your @umsystem.edu credentials. 

For more, quick setup information and videos visit Microsoft Teams Quick Start Page.

For a detailed walk through video on creating a Microsoft Team, visit the Create a Team Page.
If files do not belong to you and you have access, please communicate with your primary contact for decision making.
With data that is not yours, contact your primary contact. Primary contacts should follow up with their department leadership for final data decision making on files of employees who have separated from the university.
Once the data is moved and access to the department share is lost, generic account access will be lost as well. Move the files from the generic account to a valid user to Teams. Then, access and permissions can be granted to individuals who need access in Microsoft Teams.

A team is group of people working together and channels is focused workspace where members communicate and collaborate.  Channels can be designated into different projects, departments, etc. 

Each team includes a “General” channel, but additional channels may be created to better focus discussions and collaborations, including shared files.

Please see the Microsoft Support Page for a more detailed information. 

For more information or how to videos on creating a Team Channel , visit the Create a Team Channel.

Once you are within the Team folder that you wish to add a folder to, click on the add a folder icon: new-folder-icon.png

Then, name the new folder and click "create". The new folder name will appear within the existing folder.




For step by step instructions on managing your Team settings and permissions, visit the Microsoft Teams Manage Settings Page.
For software applications, contact the Technology Support Center for support.