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Security Incident Reporting

Employees of the University of Missouri - St. Louis are required to report all suspected information security incidents and weaknesses to the IT Security Office. Please contact us at abuse@umsl.edu or call the TSC at 314-516-6034.

Some possible examples are:

    • A known or suspected compromise of a computer system, application, or database
    • E-mail containing confidential information sent to the wrong recipient
    • Known uses of insecure (weak) passwords or sharing of passwords
    • Unauthorized or old accounts within a computing system or database
    • Physical theft or loss of computer or storage device
    • Missing reports or printouts that are known to contain confidential information

Read additional examples and details in the mandatory reporting requirement.

Report all threats to persons or property immediately by contacting the UMSL Police Department at 314-516-5155 or dial 911.

Report Abusive email

Please send abusive or harassing email to abuse@umsl.edu. You should include the internet header information when available with your message. Internet headers contain valuable information on where the email actually came from and who may have sent it. For example:

Received from alpha.somewhere.edu ([]) by beta.elsewhere.com with SMTP id <11350(4)>; Tue, 3 Jul 2001 16:23:18 -1000.

Report Spam

Spam or Junk email should be sent to spam@umsl.edu. We do our best to block spam email that comes into campus, but some does get through. Let us know what you are getting and we will try and stop it.

Report Network or Computer Abuse

Report any viruses, bots, network attacks, network or port scans, etc. to abuse@umsl.edu. Please include as much information as possible including:

    • Description of the incident
    • Any logs that pertain to the incident
    • Time zone used for logs
    • IP address of suspected computer
    • Time and date of the incident
    • Details of any action already taken

Report Copyright Infringement

Report concerns or copyright infringement or other abuse of intellectual property per the instructions at Rules and Resources for Online Intellectual Property.