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ITS Employee Directory

Campus Address:  451 Express Scripts Hall Saint Louis, Missouri 63121


Chief Information Officer - David Gerstenecker

Academic Services

Scheetz, Chris, Director

Administrative Services

Wagstaff, Jason, Associate Director

Administrative Systems

Carter, Anthony, Admin Application

Casey, Erin, Programmer Analyst

Cassel, Hanina, Programmer Analyst

Cox, Lance, DB Programmer Analyst

Dyer, William, Software Support Analyst

Evans, Caleb, DB Administrator

Favignano, Rodney, DB Programmer

Karan, Dejan, DB Administrator

Pham, Tony, Programmer Analyst

Preuss, Timothy, DB Programmer

Quinn, Andrea, DB Programmer

Sissac, Henry, Application Admin

Willard, Chris, DB Programmer

Campus Relations and Communications 

Simms, Jennifer, Manager IT

Campus Relations & Communications 

Harvey, Loyola, Strategic Communications Associate

Lewis, Cornell, Business Technology Analyst

North, Wayne, Project Manager

Simms, Jennifer, Manager IT

Stallins, Danielle, Project Manager

Infrastructure Services

Monroe, Mark, Associate Director

Instructional Support Services
Computing Labs & Classrooms
103 Social Sciences & Business Bldg. (Main Lab)

Classroom/AV Support Scheduling

Boyce, Chris, Business Analyst- Classrooms

Cravens, Grant, Software Support Analyst

Reece, Eddie, Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Wiley, Mark, Business Technology Analyst - Specialist

103 SSB
(ITV Credit Classes should be scheduled with the Registrar's Office)

Ad-hoc conference scheduling

Network Security

Monroe, Mark, Director

Network Security

Monroe, Mark, Director

Thompson, Daryl, Security Analyst

Networking Support

Anthoney, Stephen, LAN Engineer

Appleton, Pollyana, LAN Engineer

Chapman, Steve, LAN Engineer

Garrison, Robert, LAN Engineer

System Administrators
Main Number

Bate, Michael, System Administrator

Lilienkamp, Jon, Systems Administrator

Naumann, Michael, System Administrator

Puls, Allegra, System Administrator

Reiss, Philip, System Administrator

Remier, Mike, System Administrator

Toohey, Michael, System Administrator

Technology Procurement and UMSL Computer Program 

Chris Scheetz, Director

Technology Procurement and UMSL Computer Program

Goskie, Sarah, Office Support

Technology Support Center (Help Desk-190 MSC)

Patterson, Laura, Systems Support Analyst Principal
Main Number – 6034

Technology Support Center (Help Desk-190 MSC)

Conley, Magda, Systems Support Analyst

Grovie, Alfred, Systems Support Analyst

Patterson, Laura, Systems Support Analyst Principal

Reed, Christopher, System Support Analyst

Shanklin, John, Systems Support Analyst

Spanevello, Anthony, Systems Support Analyst

Stillwell, Bobby, Systems Support Analsyst

Webber, Stephanie, Systems Support Analyst

Telephone Services
Main Number - 6500

Triton Card Office
Main Number - 6034

Naumann, Michael, System Administrator