Student Labs

About Instructional Support Labs

There are fourteen Instructional Support Services Labs available to UM-St. Louis students, faculty and staff. Eleven of these labs are staffed with specifically trained lab consultants that are here to help with most computer related issues and questions. These lab consultants are trained on several of the applications that are available, (i.e. Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer) and to support the users of the labs. Most labs have printers that are available for printing school related work, (twenty pages at a time). Other labs have class specific tutors, such as the Math Lab and Writing Lab. All labs are equipped with the same applications needed for instructional use and homework, i.e. the Internet, Office Suite products, etc.. All the labs feature individual student workstations all of which utilize single sign on with password protection for security measures and personal drive space mapping upon login on Window Systems.

Lab Descriptions

Some labs have ONLY PC's, some have ONLY Macintosh and some have both. All Labs are operating Windows 10 on the PC's and OS-X on the Macintoshes. Five of the labs have color printers available for single copies of school related work. Some labs also offer document scanners.

The Thomas Jefferson Library has a Library Research Commons computer lab located within the library. This lab is ideal for researching both Internet sources and literary sources at the same time while writing your papers or working on your projects.

Short Courses

The Instructional Support Services Labs offer various short courses during the Fall and Spring semesters. These courses are designed to introduce students, faculty and staff to a variety of campus software and computing topics. Some of our courses are for the true novice, others are designed for more advanced users. For a complete listing of the current courses being offered visit the shortcourse website.

All of these courses are free, but we do ask that you sign up so we can get an estimate on attendance. To sign up for the courses visit the IT Workshop Registration website. Or email us at ic@umsl.edu, please include your name, student email address and the date and time of the course you will be attending.