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Google Apps and Google Drive

UMSL provides Google Apps (including Google Drive) for students, faculty, and staff, using your @umsystem.edu address as your login. >All UMSL users will start using their @umsystem.edu Google accounts. Please discontinue use of your @umsl.edu Google account. Files have been relinked from your @umsl.edu to your @umsystem.edu Google account for easy access. For more information on UM System's Google offerings, please visit the UM System site.

How to access Google applications:

When logging into Google applications, users will be routed to the Microsoft Multi Factor authentication page. From there, users will enter their ssoid@umsystem.edu and password. Then, you will be routed to the Microsoft MFA page to be sent a validation code to the method previously selected on your Microsoft account.

To access your relinked files, login into your Google Drive using your ssoid@umsystem.edu and password.

Alternatively, files from your old @umsl.edu Google drive have also been shared and can be found in your new @umsystem.edu account and are located under "shared with me" and can still be accessed.

Please note: Please do not move your files including Google forms that you own to prevent issues with any shared or linked files. In the upcoming weeks, we are working to change the ownership of the files for you.


Any bookmarks saved to shared drives in old @umsl.edu Google drive accounts will need to be recreated in your @umsystem.edu Google account.

Website Bookmarks

For website bookmarks loaded into your @umsl.edu Google profile will need to exported then login to your @umsystem.edu account and import them in. For more information and instructions, visit Google's help site.

Going forward, this transition is a key component in moving forward the University's eLearning initiatives. Having all four campuses on one domain creates a single sign-on to better facilitate multi-campus collaboration between faculty, staff and students.

A few important notes:

  • Documents deleted from your @umsl.edu will be gone and will not be visible in the @umsystem.edu Google Drive.
  • Content from your shared drives from your @umsl.edu account will be accessible on your ssoid@umsystem.edu account.
  • If you need to log into your old @umsl.edu account, you can do so by logging into google drive as sso@archive.umsl.edu . That is the new name for our old google instance. Please do not put new items here as you may lose them when we decommission it in the future.
  • For a complete listing of Google Apps, visit Google's official site, G Suite for Education. (Please note: Gmail and Calendar are not available at this time.)
  • For more information on Google drives, visit https://support.google.com.

For assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center at (314) 516-6034.

The University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) has entered into an agreement with Google to provide you with Google Apps. The use of Google Apps is governed by the University’s Acceptable Use Policy as well as Google’s Acceptable Use Policy.

University’s Acceptable Use

Google’s Acceptable Use

Content created or stored in the UMSL domain of Google Apps for Education must:

Comply with FERPA regulations regarding the handling of student information. (you will be directed to an external site by clicking on the link)

Follow the University of Missouri System records and retention policy, as this content may be considered a university record. (you will be directed to an external site by clicking on the link)

In addition, Google upholds a strict privacy policy. You will need to accept Google's privacy policy the first time you log into Google Apps for UMSL.

Highly Restricted data or DCL4 data CANNOT be stored in Google Apps. This includes SSNs, HIPAA data, PCI data or any other data listed on our Data Classification page as DCL4.

There are 2 different types of Google Apps. These are Core Apps and Consumer Apps.

Core Apps (Agreement is in place between UMSL and Google)

Google’s Core apps include Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Hangouts and Classroom. The core apps are governed by a contract between the UMSL and Google. These apps fall under the Google Apps for Education Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. They are suitable for basic user and University data including FERPA data but NOT Highly Restricted data like SSNs, Health information or anything that would be classified as Level 4 data in our campus Data Classification System .

Google Apps for Education Terms of Service

Google Apps for Education Privacy Policy

Consumer Apps (Agreement would be between you and Google)

All other Apps in your Google account are considered Consumer Apps. These Include YouTube, Blogs, Google+, and more. These Apps are NOT covered under our agreement with Google and are, therefore, NOT suitable for University data or FERPA data. By using these Apps, you are agreeing to the Terms of Service for your personal use. An example of that Terms of Service can be found below. But some apps have other ones like YouTube.

Basic Consumer App TOS

YouTube TOS