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The Center for Family Research and Policy  is a part of the School of Social Work that engages in research to inform evidence-based practice when working with families in need. We believe in a collaborative approach to research: working with communities, area agencies that focus on families and schools, and other academics to better serve those in our community.

Our Vision:

To advance knowledge and the application of theory, research, and evidence-based practice to understand the complexities and needs of the family.

Our Mission:

CFRP supports research in collaboration with communities, schools, and family agencies, increasing the relevance of the research. 

Our Objective: Research that informs/enhances:

  • Intervention development
    • Feasibility studies and Experimental studies
  • Community partnerships
    • Implementation of family-based programs
    • Training in evaluation of family-based programs
    • Workshops on evidence-based (best) practices
  • Policy Development 
    • Workplace support for families and health initiatives for families

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Our approach at the CFRP

Examples of Research and Evaluation